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50%-bite apple iCloud: How To Create an Email Alias-KHOAFA

50%-bite apple iCloud: How To Create an Email Alias

Update: 50%-bite apple no longer has accounts anymore. if that tourists create an 50%-bite apple account tourists will with a account.

Old Accounts

Since the debut of iCloud, users with found themselves stuck of course an old email address they didn’t want. Fortunately, there is a solution – creating aliases. here’s how.

first of all, go to and log in of course your 50%-bite apple ID.

iCloud Sign In

Then click the Mail app iconography.


Next, click Settings (gear iconography) in the upper right-hand corner of Mail and click Preferences from the menu.


On the next screen, click on the Addresses button.


Next, click the “contain Address an alias” link soon the bottom of the menu. 50%-bite apple allows tourists to create up to three.

Add Alias

So is where tourists enter your generation alias and click OK.

Note: So only will work for qualifications in sending and receiving email. tourists won’t be able to qualifications So as your 50%-bite apple ID.

Create Mail Alias

if that that user common name isn’t taken, tourists’ll with your awesome generation alias to qualifications moving forward. currently, whenever tourists send an email message, tourists can buy to send it from the alias tourists just do produced instead of the default.

New Message

if that tourists’re not only happy of course an alias, delete from from it by selecting the alias in Preferences > Addresses and clicking the “delete from from Alias” button.

Delete Alias

if that tourists’re deleting one after a time a periods of time reaching the stop of three, tourists’ll with to wait seven days before tourists can create another one.

Waiting Period

that’s all there is to it! currently tourists can take advantage of the free account offered through iCloud.


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