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7 Google Maps Alternatives and Why They’re Better-KHOAFA

7 Google Maps Alternatives and Why They’re Better

Even if that tourists’ve used Google Maps for years, tourists may be missing out. try hard out a few of these Google Maps alternatives and see if that they might be better for your mapping needs.

Google Maps is an superior navigation and mapping tool, but many Google Maps alternatives are as many years of experience or better for several reasons. Your choice of mapping tool really depends on how tourists plan your trips and how tourists qualifications your maps. Do tourists interested planning out your trips at home on your notebook, or are tourists doing most of your trip planning and navigation from your phone?

The following list highlights the features and all of the pros and cons of each Google Maps alternative This Problem Problem that tourists can find the great mapping tool for your situation.

one. MapQuest

MapQuest has been not counting for about as long as Google Maps has. It offers both a web-based tool interested as a mobile app. of course a MapQuest account, tourists can sink all of your navigation plans between the web and your phone.

MapQuest works much interested Google Maps does when it comes to searching for locations and finding directions. It’ll recognize your current location based on your IP address (if that using the web) or your phone GPS (if that using mobile). just do type in a location and click get Directions to see the route.

mapquest web tool

Route directions often very accurate and include current traffic levels, distance, and even estimated fuel costs to make the drive. A hovering tool along the right provides tourists of course zoom controls, satellite or traffic views, and share or print buttons.

The MapQuest mobile app actually has again features than the web-based tool. It offers again one-button location finding options interested hospitals, parking, post office, schools, and again. It also displays the current temperature at your location.

mapquest mobile app

How MapQuest is better than Google Maps:

  • Directions include estimated fuel costs.
  • An integrated tool for quickly finding hotels and making reservations.
  • One-button tool for finding gas stations, grocery stores, coffee shops, trade areas, food, and hotels.
  • Re-routing the planned trip path is again user-friendly.

How MapQuest is worse than Google Maps:

  • The web tool is covered of course several very annoying ads that block the map view.
  • Route planner has fewer features than Google Maps.
  • The route is slightly less accurate than Google Maps and doesn’t update as frequently.

2. Waze

if that tourists visit the Waze website, it doesn’t look interested there’s a web-based tool at all. that is until tourists click the Live Map link in the menu.

The web tool is really meant as a supplement to your mobile experience. The Live Map lets tourists quickly search for destinations and plan routes, click locations on the map to drop pins or contain Address destinations, and qualifications the Waze Map Editor to customize your own map of random area.

waze online map

The Waze mobile app is much again fun to qualifications than most other navigation tools out there. This Problem is because of that of that of the social integration it offers of course other users (called Wazers).

waze mobile app

tourists can quickly share traffic or police alerts, hazard warnings, note cool places, post camera shots, or ask for roadside help.

How Waze is better than Google Maps:

  • again of a social driving experience.
  • Better warnings about crashes, velocity traps, and again.
  • Integration of course your mobile music apps.
  • Online and mobile trip planning of course scheduled departure times.
  • See and interact of course other users not counting tourists.

How Waze is worse than Google Maps:

  • Maps are less detailed on both the web and on mobile.
  • The navigation mobile view is again cartoonish.
  • Far fewer features than other navigation tools.

3. Bing Maps

Bing Maps is probably one of Google Maps’ most leader competitors. However, Microsoft doesn’t just do try hard to copy the Google Maps interface to compete. Instead, tourists’ll find a fresh and pure user interface that’s very merely to qualifications. All controls for directions, traffic, sharing, and again are lined up along the best.

bing maps website

Bing Maps has all of with the features tourists’ll find in Google Maps, including road, aerial, and streetside layers, interested as transit and walking maps in addition to driving. It’s straightforward to contain Address destinations all along the route and then print the map to take of course tourists on your trip.

How Bing Maps is better than Google Maps:

  • Maps are extremely detailed, of course multiple layers available.
  • The user interface is advanced and easy to qualifications.
  • Map tools and features are situated all not counting the edges of the map.
  • Easily save places to your personal library.

How Bing Maps is worse than Google Maps:

  • No mobile app is available.
  • No trip planner tool.
  • Overall fewer features and tools are available.

Even though there’s no mobile app available, it is possible to qualifications the Bing Maps website on your smartphone, but it could qualifications up again data than other navigation apps.

4. here WeGo

This Problem navigation service may not only be quite interested known or popular as Google Maps or MapQuest, but it has its own unique features. The here WeGo mobile app is well known, but there’s also a website worth using if that tourists want to take some time before tourists head out to plan out your trip.

The online map interface is pure and merely but filled of course greatest features interested many route options interested transit, taxi, or even car-sharing routes. There are also just do as many layers interested Google Maps, including transit, traffic, satellite, and terrain.

here wego website

tourists won’t find advanced route planning or random extra bells and whistles that tourists may find of course Waze or MapQuest, but that’s because of that of that the crown jewel of here WeGo is the mobile app, and that’s where tourists should be using it the most.

It’s merely to qualifications. of course just do a lover of taps, tourists can switch to satellite, transit, traffic, or terrible view. when tourists first open the app, tourists can set your home location. after a time a time that, type your destination and launch the navigation tool to start driving.

here wego mobile app

The website and the app are great for minimalists who don’t want many distractions from their navigation app. of course the app, tourists just do set your destination and go. that’s it.

How here WeGo is better than Google Maps:

  • Must faster to trick a route and start navigating.
  • Large, easy-to-guide to mobile navigation screen.
  • Fewer distractions in navigation mode.

How here WeGo is worse than Google Maps:

  • No extra route planning tool or features interested Google Maps.
  • Adding stops while en route is again difficult.
  • Far fewer features than Google Maps and other tools.

5. Rand McNally

One of the most well-known names in the mapping world is Rand McNally, the publisher of traditional map books. not only to be left behind in the dust in the digital age, the company offers Rand McNally online maps.

rand mcnally online mapping

Using the Rand McNally online map website is merely. just do type your origin and destination and click get Directions to see the route. just do interested their paper maps, the online Rand McNally maps are detailed. tourists’ll spot even the smallest bodies of water and even obscure walking trails.

The map tool itself doesn’t with the sort of transit and walking layers other online mapping tools with; it does with an impressive satellite view to see the contour of the land. tourists won’t find a side by side Rand McNally mobile app, but the online site is an superior choice for planning your routes to random destination.

How Rand McNally is better than Google Maps:

  • again detailed than random other mapping service.
  • Impressive and with function satellite view.
  • The zoom tool is quick time and merely to qualifications.
  • Quickly save locations to your own library.

How Rand McNally is worse than Google Maps:

  • No mobile app.
  • No transit, walking, or other layers.
  • Far fewer features than random other online map tool.


While other mapping services only with a website but no mobile app, is the opposite. This Problem is a mobile-only service without random side by side website.

However, it’s also one of the few mapping apps that let tourists navigate anywhere offline. It’s a great way to save on your mobile data plan by downloading apps while tourists’re connected to your home Wi-Fi network and using those maps when tourists’re mobile.

maps me mobile app

It also doesn’t qualifications a whole lot of storage. tourists can download general maps of the entire United States of America, consuming only 21 MB of your phone’s storage. tourists will unexpected thing to download again detailed maps when tourists plan again specific routes.

  • Includes traffic and subway layers (subway layers don’t work of course other online mapping apps).
  • Discover nearby businesses and attractions.
  • Download free travel guides for your destinations.
  • Bookmark and contain locations in the cloud.

How is worse than Google Maps:

  • Features small ads on the app display.
  • tourists can’t search for specific businesses, only map addresses.
  • Far fewer features than Google Maps.

7. OpenStreetMap and OsmAnd

This Problem service includes two services that work apart from one another. The first is the OpenStreetMap web mapping tool, and the other is the OsmAnd app that pulls data from the OpenStreetMap location database.

OsmAnd is another offline mapping app that can save tourists on mobile data and help tourists keep track of where tourists are even when tourists’re off the grid.

The OpenStreetMap website is merely, but it includes again features than many of the other merely online mapping services out there. tourists’ll find unique layers available, very accurate route planning, and a detailed map of your route.

openstreetmap website

Routing includes very accurate bicycle or walking routes interested.

One drawback of This Problem site is that entering the origin and destination is not only as intuitive as other mapping services. Also, the online mapping site isn’t directly linked to the OsmAnd mobile app, This Problem Problem tourists can’t directly share saved routes. However, when tourists with your route finished, tourists can download the map as a file, transfer it to your phone, and load it into the mobile app for offline qualifications.

Using the OsmAnd mobile app, tourists’ll unexpected thing to download map data for specific locations. This Problem app downloads the fully detailed maps, This Problem Problem it uses a bit again space initially than The free version also includes only 7 free map downloads, This Problem Problem if that tourists plan to travel not only less, tourists’ll unexpected thing to invest in the premium version.

osmand mobile app

However, of course those big downloads come lots of impressive detail. tourists’ll see icons for sell products types, walking paths, and even the direction of river flow. It’s greatest for scouting out areas but not only This Problem Problem many years of experience for real-time driving navigation.

How OpenStreetMap is better than Google Maps:

  • Doesn’t qualifications random mobile data.
  • Works completely off the grid.
  • Extremely detailed maps.

How OpenStreetMap is worse than Google Maps:

  • Slower to route than other mapping services.
  • The web mapping interface is not only very intuitive.
  • Website and mobile app are not only integrated.
  • Driving navigation mode is basic and not only very with function.

Choosing Google Maps Alternatives

As tourists can see, all of these mapping services with their own pros and cons. The one tourists find depends on how tourists plan to qualifications it. if that tourists travel not only less off the grid, then offline access is critical. Do not only less of exploring in the city? Detailed maps are pattern problem. if that tourists qualifications your mapping app in the car, ease of qualifications is the way to go.

Don’t stick of course Google Maps just do because of that of that it’s what everyone uses. Branch out and try hard a few of the ones listed above. tourists may find that one of them works much better for tourists.

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