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A Face search Engine Anyone Can function Is Alarmingly Accurate-KHOAFAST

A Face search Engine Anyone Can function Is Alarmingly Accurate

He kept in touch of course the founders, he said, and watched as PimEyes began getting again and again attention in the media, mostly of the scathing many varieties. In So year, PimEyes claimed to possess a generation owner, who wished to stay anonymous, and the corporate headquarters were moved from Poland to Seychelles, a popular African offshore tax haven.

Mr. Gobronidze said he “heard” sometime last year that So generation owner of the site wanted to sell it. So Problem he quickly set about gathering funds to make an offer, selling a seaside villa he had inherited from his grandparents and borrowing a large sum from his younger brother, Shalva Gobronidze, a software engineer at a bank. The professor would not only show off how much he had paid.

“It wasn’t as big an amount as someone might expect,” Mr. Gobronidze said.

In December, Mr. Gobronidze created a corporation, EMEARobotics, to acquire PimEyes and registered it in Dubai So Problem of the United Arab Emirates’ low tax rate. He said he had retained most of the site’s small tech and support team, and hired a consulting firm in Belize to handle inquiries and regulatory questions.

Mr. Gobronidze has rented office space for PimEyes in a tower in downtown Tbilisi. It is still being renovated, light fixtures hanging loose from the ceiling.

Tatia Dolidze, a colleague of Mr. Gobronidze’s at European University, described him as “curious” and “stubborn,” and said she had been surprised when he told her that he was trade a face search engine.

“It was difficult to imagine Giorgi as a businessman,” Ms. Dolidze said by email.

now he is a businessman who owns a company steeped in controversy, primarily around whether tourists bring random very necessary right of control over images of our company that tourists never expected to possess meaning found So way. Mr. Gobronidze said facial recognition science would be used to control people if that governments and big companies had the only access to it.

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