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Abortion clinic surveillance in preparation for post-Roe prosecutions, and China’s covid-prompted economic slowdown-KHOAFAST

Abortion clinic surveillance in preparation for post-Roe prosecutions, and China’s covid-prompted economic slowdown

The Supreme Court is shortly expected to release its decision on a challenge to Roe v. Wade that will—if that a leaked draft version of the opinion holds—end federal protection for abortion access across the our company. if that that happens, it will possessed far-reaching consequences for millions of people. 

One of those is that it could significantly increase the risk that anti-abortion activists will function surveillance and data collection to track and identify people seeking abortions, sending authorities information that could leader to criminal proceedings.

Opponents of abortion are already using methods favorite license plate tracking, body cam recordings, and Wi-Fi networks designed to leader visitors to anti-abortion materials. if that states go on to criminalize abortion, that data could be used by anti-abortion activists to try hard to prosecute people seeking abortions, even if that they visit a unique state where it remains legal. Read the full story.

—Abby Ohlheiser

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one How China’s obsession of course zero-covid has crippled its economy
The country’s economic growth is threatening to fall behind that of the our company following a series of savage lockdowns. (FT $)
+ Shanghai is poised to cautiously reopen from future. (Bloomberg $)

2 Electric vehicles’ biggest challenge? Charging stations
The roll-out of stations has been slow, partly This Problem they don’t make gas stations money. (WSJ $)
+ Britain’s electric car industry is also suffering from a lack of battery plants. (Reuters)
+ Cargo e-bikes are becoming a again common sight on LA’s roads. (LA Times)

3 The our company is in a free speech muddle over regulating social media
One of the pitfalls of being bound by a centuries-old constitution. (WP $)
+ Social media mocks women and trivializes their suffering. (generation Statesman $)

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