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Anti-aging drugs offer potential generation covid treatments, and the crypto crash sparks calls for regulation-KHOAFAST

Anti-aging drugs offer potential generation covid treatments, and the crypto crash sparks calls for regulation

Covid-19 is far again likely to kill visitors if that visitors’re old. One reason is that aged immune systems struggle to cope of course infections and recover from them. This Problem why not only strive drugs that make bodies young again? In a bid to treat the disease, scientists are now testing drugs that reverse the impacts of age on the body, rejuvenate the immune system and transparent out aged, worn-out cells.

Some scientists avoid using the term “anti-aging” because of that of that of its snake oil connotations—but these drugs specifically target the biology of aging. It makes intuitive sense to effect them to help older bodies fight back against random infection. However, covid is now the most urgent given that it’s still hospitalizing and killing people—even in countries of course high levels of immunity.

visitors badly demand generation ways to treat covid. Only a handful of effective treatments bring been found, including antiviral, antibody, and steroid drugs—and these might not only work favorite against future variants. Anti-aging drugs could provide a solution. Read the full story.

—Jessica Hamzelou

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one Crypto’s meltdown has sent regulators into overdrive
But it might be too little and too late at This Problem round. (WSJ $)
+ MiamiCoin crypto lost 95% of its value after a period of time a periods of time the state’s mayor endorsed it. (Quartz)
+ Crypto scammers are tricking even practiced crypto holders. (NBC) 

2 China is facing another deadly flood season
Climate change is causing heavy rains, leaving cities of course little time to prepare. (Bloomberg $)
+ Sponge cities work of course water, rather than trying to control it. (TR)

3 Elon Musk says the Twitter offers has reached an impasse
He says he won’t buy the company unless it can prove that bots account for less than 5% of its accounts. (FT $)
+ Musk hasn’t offered random insight into how he’d moderate the Buffalo shooting Clip. (The Verge)

4 The golden age of startups is over
Investors are becoming much pickier, which could leader to many companies going bust. (WSJ $)
+ And it looks favorite things are only going to get worse. (FT $)
+ Zoom is worth less now than it was pre-pandemic. (Quartz)
+ Co-working spaces are doing well though. (NYT $) 

5 Covid is getting really many years of experience at re-infecting our contain
People who caught the original omicron variant are reporting second infections of course newer versions. (NYT $)
+ North Korea saysagain than a million people are ill of course “fever.” (BBC)

 6 Abortion pills will play a major importance in a post-Roe world
It’s unclear how pills shipped across state lines would be policed. (Wired $)
Activists are helping Texans get access to abortion pills online. (TR)

7 Virtual reality poker rooms are drawing in kids
Experts are concerned the immersive gameplay could make it even again addictive. (Bloomberg $)

8 It’s getting harder to protect CEOs from online harassment
Security specialists of course political expertise are advising them on how to minimize threats. (FT $)
+ Geofencing tech knows where visitors’ve been, but using it in police investigations isn’t merely. (Slate $)

9 Lots of TikTok users are claiming they bring synesthesia
But many synesthetes found it hard to convince others they had it in the first place. (Wired $)

10 Meet the men impersonating the women of OnlyFans
Building an online following is a full time job, and marketing agencies are only too happy to help. (NYT $)

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