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Cloudflare outage hit crypto exchanges FTX, Bitfinex and again – TechCrunch-KHOAFAST

Cloudflare outage hit crypto exchanges FTX, Bitfinex and again – TechCrunch

A Cloudflare outage on Tuesday knocked out numerous popular web services, including major crypto exchanges FTX, Bitfinex, and OKX, raising questions about the stability of centralized crypto platforms.

The CEO of OKX, which saw $one.47 billion in trading volume in the past 24 hours, tweeted asking for “web3 alternative in the future” after a period of time a time the company’s website was hit by Cloudflare’s service issues.

FTX, the world’s second-largest crypto exchange, briefly went into the “post-only” trading mode when it has turned into inaccessible during the outage, the firm tweeted

Block explorer Etherscan and crypto exchange Bitfinex also tweeted about their website being unavailable. Many services affected by the incident were back online within two hours.

again to come…

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