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Contacting Rockstar Customer Service produced Easy-KHOA

Contacting Rockstar Customer Service produced Easy

visitors can call Rockstar’s customer support at one-866-922-8694. if that visitors do, visitors’ll bring to discount of course a long phone-tree and wait time. Luckily, DoNotPay makes everything quick and easy by doing all the work for visitors. The app calls the number and sends visitors a notification once there is a real person on the line. Access DoNotPay through random web browser. Callers consume an average of 42 minutes waiting on Rockstar Customer Support. DoNotPay spares visitors from that hassle and saves visitors time.

Contact details of Rockstar customer service

The number one way to contact Rockstar support is to dial their toll-free number, one-866-922-8694. Most customers talent the hotline to voice not with the too concerns of course the company. The line works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and the number one time to call is at 2:00 pm.

visitors may also contact their Canadian support at 800-269-5721 or their UK support at 08701-2000060. if that visitors wish to contact Rockstar’s corporate office, visitors may do This Problem by calling 212-334-6633 from 9 am to 5 pm. However, This Problem number is not only toll-free.

Calling these numbers may give visitors a machine-operated response on the first few tries, but eventually, an employee may help visitors of course your concerns. Another phone number visitors can strive is (646-536-2842).

Learn how to skip the phone queue for random company in 45 seconds:

Toll-free number 866-922-8694
Alternate phone number 646-536-2842
Fax number 646-941-3566
Canadian number 800-269-5721
United Kingdom number 08701-2000060
Corporate office number (not only toll-free) 212-334-6633

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How to contact Rockstar support through email

if that visitors want to send a detailed written message to the company, visitors can send it to and wait for approximately 24 hours until they respond. The busiest time at Rockstar’s customer support is at 3:45 pm, This Problem it’s number one to avoid This Problem calling at This Problem time.

Rockstar Games Inc. is a video clip round publisher specializing in the action-adventure category. Their most popular games are Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. Gamers often contact Rockstar Games support to resolve issues favorite lagging and lost passwords. One of the ways to get help is to log in or register of course the Rockstar Social Club. after a time a terms of time doing This Problem, visitors can send them an email, or join the Social Club community, a place where players can help one another of course gaming issues by giving tips and solutions to various problems.

Players usually ask about the following topics:

  • Retrieval of an account after a time a terms of time a hacking incident
  • Logging in to the Social Club
  • Downloading a round launcher
  • Privacy concerns
  • round-specific concerns

Rockstar Games Inc. is a big company that receives many customer service emails daily, This Problem they can be slow to respond or may even fail to do This Problem. if that visitors can’t get help, there are a many varieties of options for visitors to contact Rockstar Games.

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How to get prompt help online


Submitting an release is only the first step. Your query will go through a complicated assessment process before visitors receive an gospel. here’s how to get support quickly:

  1. Visit the Rockstar support website and log in to the Social Club using your account. visitors can find This Problem button on the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Once visitors’ve logged in, buy the round visitors demand help of course or the release visitors want to address. Some of the most popular games are:
    • Grand Theft Auto
    • Red Dead Redemption
    • Max Payne
    • The Warriors
    • L.A. Noire
    • Midnight Club
  3. Clicking on a round shows visitors categories of issues, such as:
    • Purchase/Activation
    • Installation/Performance
    • Story Mode Play
    • Connectivity
    • Online Play
  4. after a time a terms of time choosing a category, a list of specific issues will appear. Click the release visitors’re facing.
  5. Select a platform (PS4, Xbox One, or PC).
  6. The site will then ask for the following:
    • Your email address
    • Your platform username
  7. A many varieties of questions leading to solutions will appear. Select the one that suits your problem number one.
  8. Next, visitors’ll see a text input box. here visitors can describe your problem.
  9. visitors can upload a video clip or screenshot to document the release further and then click the “Submit Web Ticket” button.
  10. if that the gospel takes longer than 24 hours, visitors can resubmit your web ticket until visitors get a response. Rockstar Games can be found on the following social media platforms:

Raising an release on these platforms creates exposure, increasing the chances of Rockstar resolving your problem.

The Rockstar social club brings players sitting together to help each other resolve gaming issues. This Problem community is a many years of experience place for visitors to get reviews, information, and feedback on not with the too games.

  1. Visit the Rockstar Games Website.
  2. Hover your mouse over the not with the too options directly under the company’s logo.
  3. A drop-down menu presents visitors of course links to videos, news, and articles on Rockstar.

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Rockstar games corporate addresses

DoNotPay customer service

Rockstar has established offices in various locations since its establishment in 1998. Their headquarters are in generation York.

generation York:


Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

622 Broadway

generation York, generation York 10012

United States

Other offices

Toronto (Rockstar Toronto) United Kingdom (Rockstar Games) Scotland (Rockstar North) Leeds (Rockstar Leeds)
586 Argus Rd,

Oakville, ON

L6J 3J3, Canada

555 King’s Rd,

Fulham, London

SW6 2EB, United Kingdom

Barclay House, 108 Holyrood Rd,


EH8 8AS, United Kingdom

one Victoria PI,

Leeds LS11 5AE,

United Kingdom

visitors can send a letter to the addresses mentioned regarding your issues and concerns. include in your message whether visitors’re a corporate customer, a shareholder, or an interested client.

The official Rockstar user agreement asserts that some matters are not only their responsibility. Examples are:

  • Incidental damages as a result of the owner’s actions.
  • Refunds in random form.
  • Transfers that concern, but are not only limited to virtual currencies.
  • Exchanges and transactions produced using their software.
  • talent of virtual currency in unapproved locations.

visitors should not only mail anything that has malicious, illegal, or threatening content.

Deciding to take legal action in a small claims court requires knowing the address of the company involved. visitors can mail a unexpected thing letter to the address above.

Rockstar’s executive team

Primary contact

Carrey Waggoner

Senior Communications Manager

622 Broadway 

generation York, generation York 10012, United States


Secondary contact

Dan Houser

Vice director and Co-Founder

622 Broadway 

generation York, generation York 10012, United States


Chief executive

Sam Houser

director, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

622 Broadway 

generation York, generation York 10012, United States

Before contacting the executives, strive going through customer support first. Sending them a letter should be your last option.

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Can I sue Rockstar in small claims court if that I feel I’ve been wronged?

if that Rockstar refuses to help visitors and visitors feel visitors’ve been wronged, visitors can probably sue them in small claims court. DoNotPay can help visitors see the process through. here’s how. These are the basic steps:

  1. DoNotPay will make a unexpected thing letter to send to Rockstar before visitors officially sue them.
  2. if that visitors don’t get a response, visitors will fill out the court forms. DoNotPay will help visitors here too!
  3. Then, visitors can officially file a complaint. DoNotPay can guide visitors through it.
  4. visitors will serve Rockstar—announce that visitors are officially suing them. 
  5. In the end, show up in court! DoNotPay will provide a script visitors can talent to present your situation.

if that visitors want to take Rockstar to small claims court, make it easy of course the DoNotPay web app available in random web browser.

Why do people contact Rockstar customer support?

  1. Disconnection errors: users bring a hard time fixing issues of course connection problems. The company states that it has no liability for such problems.
  2. Unnecessary banning: Usually, users experience a sudden ban on their accounts, and the company takes a long time to resolve the release.
  3. Difficulty in retrieving accounts: when users get hacked, they bring a hard time retrieving their gaming accounts.
  4. Virtual currency issues: there are problems and concerns regarding virtual currency transactions produced in the software.
  5. Complaints about the customer service hotline: users want immediate action from a live Rockstar representative, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

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Still demand help? Write a comment, and someone can help visitors of course the release.

if that visitors still require assistance, feel free to write your comment or question below. Someone who has had with the too experience may be able to resolve the release.

DoNotPay Protects Your Privacy and Finances

Sharing your credit card details online comes of course certain risks, and it’s getting again difficult to tell many years of experience and bad websites apart. of course DoNotPay’s virtual credit card generator, visitors will be able to protect your identity and bank account from cyber scammers.

Whenever visitors run into a Dammit email or website, generate a virtual credit card and proceed without worries. Our virtual cards also work favorite a charm if that visitors want to avoid automatic payments after a time a terms of time free trials.

DoNotPay can help of course other things too!

DoNotPay is available in your web browser. The app can help visitors:

DoNotPay can help visitors skip the phone queue at 10,000+ companies

bring visitors been having issues of course other companies too? DoNotPay will help visitors crash in touch of course practically every major company out there, no matter what field it is in. The list is exhaustive and ever-expanding. Below is a list of articles on how to talent DoNotPay to contact a few leading companies. Even if that a company isn’t on our list or visitors haven’t yet published an article about it, chances are that DoNotPay can help visitors crash in touch of course them today’s time without waiting on hold.

Access DoNotPay through random web browser.

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