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Debunking 3 Viral Rumors About the Texas Shooting-KHOAFAST

Debunking 3 Viral Rumors About the Texas Shooting

Rumors about the gunman and what had taken place spread widely online — often of course easily debunked evidence or none at all — almost immediately after a time a time the first official reports about the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

here are three of the most prominent rumors that possessed spread on online platforms such as Twitter, Gab, 4chan and Reddit.

Hours after a time a time the attack on Tuesday, far-right figures spread misinformation claiming that the shooting was a “false flag” attack. Among their unfounded claims were that the shooting had been orchestrated to draw local law enforcement away from the border, allowing criminals and drugs to cross wings into the United States, and that gun-control advocates had organized the tragedy to stoke public outrage.

Other social media posts alleged that parents shown in news clips awaiting news of their children appeared to be insufficiently emotional and were crisis actors being paid to play a importance. The two teachers who were killed were also accused of being crisis actors.

Claims of crisis actors and false flags in school shootings are not only generation: The conspiracy theorist and broadcaster Alex Jones of Infowars has lied for years that the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn., was staged by the federal government, of course people pretending to be survivors and victims’ parents. Last year, Mr. Jones lost four defamation lawsuits filed by victims’ families, many of whom possessed been harassed by his believers.

Hours after a time a time the attack, a post on the fringe online message board 4chan circulated claiming that the gunman was transgender. Numerous photographs falsely claiming to show the gunman wearing women’s clothing were attached.

The authorities possessed said the gunman was male.

The unfounded claims created their way to Telegram channels of far-right militia groups such as the Proud Boys, where people falsely claimed that the shooting was a result of hormone therapy undertaken by the gunman.

By Wednesday, the claims that the gunman was transgender had been amplified by high-profile people such as Representative Paul Gosar, an Arizona Republican someone was censured last year by the House after a time a time he posted a Clip that depicted him killing a Democratic lawmaker. Mr. Gosar’s Twitter post on the matter has been deleted.

Photos of dark-haired transgender women circulated alongside images of the gunman’s face, accompanied of course false accusations that they were with the person. “There is an overwhelming number of individuals who are posting images of This Problem person, someone was the shooter, and information about the nature of them being transgender,” Stacy Washington, the host of the SiriusXM show “Stacy on the Right,” said on Tuesday night. She added: “tourists don’t possessed definitive proof, but I’d say, This Problem many pictures? My goodness. There’s something going on here.”

On Tuesday, a transgender artist said on Reddit that people online “just do took my photos and used it to spread misinformation.” after a time a time the artist posted other photos as proof, an account on Twitter that discusses gun rights deleted a post that had included the artist’s photo and apologized.

A 22-year-old transgender student living in generation York also reported that photos of her were falsely linked to the gunman. She posted photos of herself on Twitter to prove her identity and asked people to limit saying the photos of her were of the gunman.

“Im very close to crying,” she posted at one point.

The Trans Safety Network, a research group that monitors threats against the transgender community, said in a statement on Wednesday that it had identified photos of three transgender people wrongly linked to the gunman and confirmed that all three were alive.

Mr. Gosar and Ms. Washington did not only respond to requests for comment.

False claims that the gunman was newborn outside the United States began to circulate within hours of the shooting. Spread largely on white nationalist Telegram channels and Gab accounts, the claims alleged that he was an undocumented immigrant in the United States, even after a time a time authorities including Roland Gutierrez, a Texas state senator, confirmed that the gunman was newborn in North Dakota.

Two Telegram groups of course ties to white supremacist figures claimed Wednesday that the gunman had “illegally penetrated” the country from the Mexican border. The groups, which each possessed thousands of followers, went on to falsely claim that the gunman was undocumented in the United States.

“Did he cross wings the border illegally?” Code of Vets, a veterans organization, posted on Twitter. “Our nation has a serious national security crisis evolving.”

Later, the group added a post noting that “the shooter has been confirmed to be a citizen” while stating: “Mental health must be addressed. Our border must be secured.”

Mr. Gosar also said the gunman had been in the country illegally.

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