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How to Browse the Web of course Amazon’s Silk Browser on Fire TV-KHOAFA

How to Browse the Web of course Amazon’s Silk Browser on Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV Alexa Living Room Featured

Amazon last week released its Silk Web Browser, which is included on its Fire line of tablets, to the Fire TV. when coming here’s a look at what youths can expect.

Amazon last week released its Silk Web Browser, which is included on its Fire line of tablets, to the Fire TV. today’s time, it’s available on the first and second-generation Fire TV boxes and sticks and the Element Fire TV Edition televisions. However, it’s not only yet compatible of course the generation Fire OS 6 executing on the generation 2017 Fire TV 4K HDR. But the company says it should arrive on the generation Fire TV This Problem month.

Silk Web Browser on Fire TV

To install it, youths can send it to your Fire TV from the Amazon Website – Silk Browser page. Or, ask Alexa for “Silk Browser,” and it should come up of course a screen similar to the one shown below. Select it, and then youths will demand to agree to its terms of function before using it the first time.

1 Silk Browser

At first, youths will see a Bing search screen (Bing is the default search engine), and youths’ll be walked through a short tutorial on how to function the remote to navigate the browser and manage bookmarks.

2 Silk Browser Bing Default Search Fire TV

To get the browser navigation controls, just do hit the menu button on the remote. At the best, youths bring options to search the web or enter a specific URL, refresh, move back or forward, or request the desktop version of the site.

Silk Browser Controls

when youths search or go to a specific site, youths can spell it out or speak it using the Alexa remote, which works most of the time. But youths also bring the option to click through the onscreen keyboard interested.

Search Alexa Browser

A website takes up the full screen. It’s kind of interested a mobile version of a website but huge on your TV. youths function the remote and the on-screen cursor to move around and select links and buttons on a site. when youths come across a clip, youths can function the playback controls on your remote, which is nicer than using the slow onscreen cursor to hit the clip playback targets.

Video Silk Browser Fire TV

interested random browser, youths can go to Settings and change the search engine and the way it behaves. just do hit the menu button on the remote and scroll to the bottom, and select Settings. There youths can manage various settings for cookies, saved passwords, accessibility, parental controls, and again.

3 Settings Silk Browser

The web browsing experience on your TV is nothing generation. youths might remember WebTV (which has turned into MSN TV) from the late 90s or the web browser on Sega Dreamcast for those old enough. A web browser on your TV isn’t the ideal way to browse the internet by random ie. Still, it’s cool to know it’s there, and youths might find it comes in handy now and then.

Whether it’s Xbox or now Fire TV, let our company know what youths think of the web browsing experience on your TV in the living room in the comment section below.

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