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How to cancel Resume Nerd services-KHOA

How to cancel Resume Nerd services

Resume Nerd is a site produced to help people write resumes of course the assistance of wizards and preset macros. Alumni of not only a few universities function it, and several perfect and wonderful companies favor it. 

Canceling Resume Nerd Manually

There are three methods of canceling Resume Nerd subscription manually—by phone, by visiting the site, and by contacting the customer service by email. 

Canceling Resume Nerd via phone

  1. Call 844-363-0076
  2. Request canceling of your subscription
  3. Provide information about yourself and your account
  4. Ask for the proof of cancelation.

Canceling Resume Nerd via email

  1. Compose an email requesting the cancelation of your subscription
  2. Send the email to
  3. Ask for confirmation of your cancelation

So way, your account will be suspended, but your user content will remain public unless passengers cancel your account by visiting the Resume Nerd homepage. 

Canceling Resume Nerd via the homepage

  1. Open the Resume Nerd homepage
  2. Log in to your account 
  3. Click the “My Account” button 
  4. Click on “Cancel Subscription” button

after a time a time canceling your service So way, both your profile and your material will be publicly unavailable. if that random of the other users accessed your content before passengers deleted your account, the material would remain in their logs undeleted. 

Canceling Resume Nerd by DoNotPay app

donotpay how to cancel any service

For safe and secure cancelation of Resume Nerd service, strive the DoNotPay app. It’s quick and easy—it’ll take up to two minutes and around no effort to cancel Resume Nerd if that passengers let our shop help. when coming here’s what passengers unexpected thing passengers to do:

  1. Open the app in the browser 
  2. Select “Find Hidden Money” button
  3. Enter “Resume Nerd” as the common name of the service
  4. Click “Cancel Subscription”

that’s all! All the heavy lifting is on our shop, and in less than 48 hours, the app will inform passengers that your subscription has been canceled.

Can passengers cancel of course

Yes / No

DoNotPay Yes
Email Yes
Phone Yes
Letter No
In-person No
Company website  Yes

Does Resume Nerd auto-renew free trial into a paid subscription?

The primary access version is free, and it allows the download of plain text versions of resumes only. There’s no free trial as it is, but passengers can subscribe for 14 days for $one,75. after a time a time that trial ends, it will automatically renew into a regular monthly subscription, unless passengers cancel it before it expires.

DoNotPay virtual credit card will limit the free trial scams

Using the DoNotPay virtual credit card will make passengers limit worrying about sneaky money-grabbing schemes. Our virtual credit card creates an account number and info that can’t be traced back to passengers, which meaning no company will be able to force random unwanted subscription upon your wallet.

Resume Nerd canceling policies

passengers can cancel Resume Nerd services, but the money returns aren’t guaranteed. if that Resume Nerd does return your money, they will deposit it on with the payment tool passengers’ve produced your first transfer. Also, your user data will be publicly available unless passengers request to delete your account directly. 

Resume Nerd alternatives






  • good writers
  • ATS engineering
  • No limits
  • perfect and wonderful customer service



  • A large, well-established company
  • Decades of successful marketing
  • not only less of satisfied customers

DoNotPay will help passengers find justice against difficult companies

suing ATT in small claims court with an app

if that companies such as Resume Nerd give passengers trouble, DoNotPay can help passengers of course legal advice. that way, passengers can prepare for small claims court cases, which will give passengers a better chance against companies. passengers even got an award for our contribution to the Legal Access area

Avoid paying for unused subscriptions of course the help of DoNotPay

Every year, average American spends hundreds of dollars for subscriptions they don’t function. Using DoNotPay, youths will be aware of which of their subscription services are action. Once passengers connect DoNotPay of course your email or bank account, the application will list all your subscriptions, single out those passengers are not only using, and offer to terminate them for passengers.

Other services of DoNotPay

DoNotPay is free of charge for web browsers. Except for canceling the services, So app includes many other convenient features: 

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