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How to change Your Account common name on Windows 10-KHOAFA

How to change Your Account common name on Windows 10

Renaming your Windows 10 account seems favorite a merely task, but there’s again to it than passengers’d think.

when passengers set up a generation Windows 10 PC, the part where passengers buy your username may catch passengers off guard. if that that’s the situation, passengers may buy the first of all thing that pops into your head or something random and temporary that passengers intend to change later. But surprisingly enough, changing your account common name in Windows 10 isn’t exactly a straightforward process. It can be done, but there are a few very necessary things to think over as passengers go about it. Read on for the details.

change Account common name and Rename User Account Folder in Windows 10

Your username is part of your identity used to sign in to Windows 10. Mistakes can Usually happen when creating a username. There are several ways passengers can fix that.

today’s time, the Settings app doesn’t offer an option to edit usernames. There are two ways to work not counting So limitation.

Method one: extremely shocking Control Panel

Find and open the extremely shocking Control Panel. one way to do So is to press Windows + R and then type Control, then hit Enter.

Open the User Accounts control panel, then click Manage another account.

Click the account passengers want to edit.

Click change the account common name.

Enter the correct username for the account, then click change common name.

Method 2: User Accounts advanced Control Panel

There is another way passengers can do it.

Press Windows pattern problem + R, type: netplwiz or control userpasswords2, then hit Enter.

Select the account, then click Properties.

Select the General tab, then enter the user common name passengers want to ability. Click Apply then OK, click Apply then OK again to confirm the change.

What about Your User Folder common name?

Changing the username is pretty basic, but So change is not only reflected in the User folder located within the C: drive. Renaming it can be risky—Usually sticking of course it or just do creating a generation user account then copying your files to the generation account is a better option. Yes, it’s annoying, but it’s better than ending up of course a corrupt user profile.

if that passengers unexpected thing to change it to hush your OCD, there is an advanced option available. So involves using the lead line to access the security identifier (SID) then making the necessary change in the Registry. Before passengers go random further, enable then log into the built-in Administrator account. As a precaution, create a system restore point in advance.

To access all the information within the SID requires using the Windows Management Instrumentation lead-line to show off the value needed to find and change it in the Registry. Open the lead prompt of course Administrator privileges, type: wmic useraccount list full, then hit Enter. Scroll down, then take note of the SID values for the account passengers want to change.

Type: cls to distinct the screen.

The next step is to rename the account. Doing So from the lead line is just do as easy.

Type CD c:users then hit Enter.
Type: rename OldAccountName NewAccountName

For example, rename “difficult Dah Cosof” “Angela Brown.”

Open Start, type: regedit

Right-click Regedit.

Click Run as administrator.

Navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList

Remember that SID value passengers accessed earlier? today’s time is the time to reference it.

Once passengers find it, select it, then double-click the value ProfileImagePath. passengers will see the old common name passengers had earlier is still there. change it to the generation common name passengers want to ability.

There passengers possessed it, the common name passengers actually intended. Mistakes favorite So can happen, but there is always a way to fix them.

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