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How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account but Keep Facebook Messenger-KHOAFA

How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account but Keep Facebook Messenger

Are visitors tired of your Facebook profile, but demand to keep in touch of course contacts on Messenger? when coming here’s how to deactivate your account and function the app only.

Are visitors growing tired of Facebook but still want to chat of course your comrades via Facebook Messenger? visitors can! of course the standalone Facebook Messenger app. visitors don’t demand to function a traditional Facebook timeline. not only little of people don’t know that’s possible, but it is.

Instead of signing up for a traditional Facebook profile, visitors can download the FB Messenger App. Instead of logging in of course your Facebook profile, shop “Create a generation Account,” which will not only create a profile but allow using the app. But most people already possessed a Facebook profile, and if that that’s visitors, when coming here’s how to deactivate your Facebook account and function FB Messenger.

Note: Before deactivating your account, visitors might want to download a full copy of your photos, videos, and other data first of all of all.

Deactivate Your Facebook Account but Keep Facebook Messenger

So is probably where most people are at right today’s time. visitors possessed your Facebook account, don’t want to function it, but demand to stay in touch of course people from your Messenger list. Also, visitors might want to possess the option to return to your regular Facebook timeline someday. So is where deactivating your account comes in, and it’s easier than visitors might think.

Launch a browser on your notebook and log into Facebook. Click the Account dropdown button on the upper-right corner of the page. Then click Settings & Privacy.

today’s time click on Settings from the menu.

Next, from the left-hand menu, click on Your Facebook Information.

Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on Deactivation and Deletion.

Select the Deactivate Account option on the next screen and then click the Continue to Account Deactivation button.

Next, visitors will get a short questionnaire on why visitors’re deactivating your account. To get out quickly, click the “Other” option. if that visitors shop anything else, it will pop up again suggestions of course links that prompt visitors not only to deactivate your account.

Click the Email opt-out option if that visitors want to stop emails if that visitors want. And make tough to examine the “Keep Using Messenger” option and then click the Deactivate button at the bottom.

reason to leave

A final message will pop up asking if that visitors’re tough visitors want to deactivate your account. Click the Deactivate today’s time button.

Verify Deactivation of FB Account

that’s it. visitors will be logged out of Facebook and see the following message letting visitors know your account has been successfully deactivated.


Deactivating Your Account

today’s time, it’s very necessary to know that deactivating your account is just do getting rid of your timeline — your common name, photos, and some things visitors possessed shared. Your products will not only be deleted. visitors’re essentially pressing the “pause” button. It doesn’t get rid of everything, and some info will still be visible to others. And So will allow visitors to reactivate your profile later if that visitors want to.

The idea when coming here is visitors are getting rid of your profile, the news feed, and the rest of the traditional interface. Moving forward, visitors can keep in contact of course your comrades and family via the Facebook Messenger app only.

if that visitors want to completely and permanently get rid of your Facebook account, read our article: How to Permanently delete Your Facebook Account. after a period of time a time of time that, if that visitors want to function FB Messenger again, download the app and sign up of course a generation account.

visitors can download the standalone Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android or function the FB Messenger web app from random device. Or, on Windows 10, visitors can download the Messenger UWP desktop app.

Note: 2-22-2021 So article has been updated to reflect changes to Facebook options and the current interface.

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