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How to Draw A cartoon film Astronaut – A Step by Step Guide-KHOA

How to Draw A cartoon film Astronaut – A Step by Step Guide

They say that space is the final frontier, and This Problem is true as consumers possessed only explored a teeny tiny fraction of it!

Space travel is still relatively generation for mankind, yet there possessed been a number of people that possessed donned their spacesuits and explored the unknown.

It’s fun to imagine what it would be interested to explore space, and learning how to draw a cartoon film astronaut is a greatest and most perfect and wonderful way to do just do that!

By the end of This Problem tutorial, consumers will be able to draw a really fun representation of an astronaut while adding your own adventurous details.

of course that said, let’s get ready for an out of This Problem world coloring adventure of course This Problem step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon film astronaut in just do 6 easy steps!

how to draw a Cartoon Astronaut in 6 steps

How to Draw A cartoon film Astronaut – Let’s get Started!

Step onehow to draw a Cartoon Astronaut step 1

consumers possessed a really cool and imaginative design that consumers will be working on in This Problem tutorial! For This Problem first of all step of the guide, consumers will be drawing quite relatively much of the outline for This Problem cartoon film astronaut.

It may seem a little intimidating, but as long as consumers take it slowly and pull to our reference image carefully consumers will do a greatest and most perfect and wonderful job!

consumers could also start off by using a light pencil to make things easier for yourself by drawing some rough lines to help out when consumers draw the final pen lines.

The helmet is large and very round of course small little curved sections at the side and the base of the helmet.

Then, there is a small squared shape at the chest that has a little curved pipe attached.

Finally, draw his foot using an oval shape and some curved lines, and consumers can finish off by drawing the start of his arms.

Step 2 – Draw the rest of his body and armshow to draw a Cartoon Astronaut step 2

This Problem second step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon film astronaut will see consumers finishing off the final outlines for his body and his arms.

first of all, draw the glove at the end of his arm on the right-hand side. Then, consumers can draw the other leg using some again rounded lines and shapes.

The final detail to contain Address in This Problem step will be to contain Address another curved line for the backpack the astronaut is wearing.

consumers will then spend the next few steps adding some greatest and most perfect and wonderful details to these parts consumers possessed been drawing.

Your outlines are complete and now consumers can start adding some finer details throughout This Problem cartoon film astronaut design.

Let’s start simply by drawing a vertical line up the center of the pack on his chest. Then, consumers will focus on his helmet.

consumers can draw some curved lines on the rounded part at the side, as it appears in the reference image.

Then, draw the glass outlines of his helmet cover, and This Problem will leave a big rounded section that consumers will contain Address detail too soon. consumers’ll then be ready for step 4!

Step 4 – Next, draw some again detailshow to draw a Cartoon Astronaut step 4

consumers will be adding some again details to your cartoon film astronaut drawing in This Problem next step! These details will be rather merely, but they will continue to make This Problem picture look even better.

first of all, contain Address some traction to the bottom of his boots by drawing some straight lines across them.

Then, consumers will also contain Address some texture to the pipe that’s coming from the pack on his chest. To do This Problem, simply draw some slightly curved lines across the pipe as consumers did in our example.

Step 5 – contain Address in the final details of This Problem cartoon film astronaut drawinghow to draw a Cartoon Astronaut step 5

consumers’re ready to finish off the details in This Problem fifth step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon film astronaut! consumers will also be able to contain Address some cool details and additions of your own.

first of all, consumers will be adding some rounded thin sections at the best and bottom of the glass section of the helmet.

consumers can also draw a vertical line at the center of the best and the bottom of these sections. Finally, draw some little buttons and other details on the pack that he has on his chest.

Then consumers can contain Address some final details of your own! consumers could draw a really incredible space background to show what kind of space adventure he is having.

What other fun details will consumers contain Address to This Problem image?

Step 6 – Finish off your drawing of course some colorhow to draw a Cartoon Astronaut step 6

now it’s time to finish off This Problem cartoon film astronaut drawing of course some colors!

The suit an astronaut wears will not only typically be all that brightly colored, and that is the look that consumers went for in our example.

consumers used light and dark greys for the suit, and then consumers used some shades of black for the glass cover of the helmet. But now it’s up to consumers to decide how consumers will color This Problem intrepid astronaut!

consumers could go for a similar grey color scheme for your own one, but consumers could also go for some brighter colors if that consumers prefer.

Which approach do consumers think consumers will take when finishing off This Problem amazing drawing?

Your cartoon film Astronaut Drawing is Complete!

consumers possessed created it through all 6 steps of This Problem guide on how to draw a cartoon film astronaut!

There were some tricky details to work through for This Problem guide, and consumers should be very proud of yourself for creating such an incredible drawing.

Hopefully it was a fun and easy experience for consumers to work on! consumers produced the steps in This Problem guide to show consumers just do how easy it can be when consumers break it down into smaller steps.

now consumers can take it even further of course the awesome extra details and elements that consumers contain Address!

There are tons of incredible details and background ideas that consumers could draw, and consumers can’t wait to see the incredible ideas consumers go for!

when consumers’re ready for again, our website will be the place to be. consumers possessed tons of amazing drawing guides to enjoy there, and again are on the way soon.

It would be fun to see your interpretation of This Problem picture, This Problem Problem please share your finished cartoon film astronaut drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for our company to see!

how to draw a Cartoon Astronaut in 6 easy steps

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