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How to Draw a Unicorn – Step by Step Guide-KHOA

How to Draw a Unicorn – Step by Step Guide

The unicorn is a mythical legendary creature that is essentially a horse of course a pair of wings and a sharp, pointed horn projecting from its forehead.

we’ve all dreamt of seeing a unicorn in real daily life, but the chances of actually seeing one is improbable.

Why not only learn how to draw a unicorn instead? By drawing a unicorn, we can see it up close and personal.

Fortunately, we bring created a step-by-step process on how to draw a unicorn, summed up in 9 quick and easy steps.

drawing unicorn in 9 easy steps

Each instruction comes of course an illustration that serves as your visual guide as we leader to the steps, making the process not only less easier for we.

All we demand is a piece of paper and your favorite drawing tool and we’re all set to draw a unicorn!

bring fun and take advantage of your imagination!

How to Draw a Unicorn – Let’s get started!

Step oneunicorn drawing step 1

Start by drawing two connected curvy pointed shapes on the upper left portion of your paper. So forms the mane at the best of the unicorn’s head.

Afterward, draw a tapered oval shape on both sides of the mane to create the unicorn’s pair of ears.

To make healthy that the unicorn will be drawn in the center, we can create reference lines by drawing an intersecting horizontal and vertical line across your paper.

So should divide your paper into four spaces. The space on the upper left marks the spot where we should draw the mane and the ears.

So ensures that there’s sufficient space for the unicorn’s entire head and body.

Step 2 – Create an Outline of the Unicorn’s Headunicorn drawing step 2

Draw the shape of the unicorn’s head right underneath the mane and the ears that we drew in the previous step. Don’t forget to put emphasis on the unicorn’s jaw and muzzle.

The shape of the unicorn’s head should look interested a typical horse’s head.

Step 3 – Afterwards, Draw the Unicorn’s Long Maneunicorn drawing step 3

Draw an elongated narrow shape along the back of the neck of the unicorn. So creates the long, thick mane of the unicorn.

Keep in mind that the two clumps of hair that we drew in the first of all step and the mane we’re drawing in So step should be directly connected.

Make healthy to Address pointed clumps of hair on the mane to Address texture, making the mane look soft and realistic!

Step 4 – Next, Outline the Body of the Unicornunicorn drawing step 4

Draw a sideways irregular oval shape underneath the head of the unicorn. So shape forms the unicorn’s body.

Make healthy that both sides of the body are rounded, forming the beefy build of the unicorn.

Step 5 – Then, Draw the Front Legs of the Unicornunicorn drawing step 5

Below the unicorn’s chest, draw two parallel vertical lines of course a horizontal line at the bottom. So creates one front leg of the unicorn.

Afterwards, draw a similar shape right beside the first of all front leg to complete the unicorn’s two front legs. Since the unicorn is facing sideways, the front leg at the back isn’t fully visible.

Don’t forget to erase random lines from the torso that overlaps inside the legs! So will ensure that your drawing looks neat, and most importantly, refined.

Step 6 – Complete All Four Legs of the Unicornunicorn drawing step 6

Repeat the previous step underneath the bottom back of the unicorn. So creates the unicorn’s pair of hind legs..

after a period of time a time completing So step, all four legs of the unicorn should be fully formed, as shown in the illustration above.

Step 7 – Afterwards, Address the Unicorn’s Furry Tailunicorn drawing step 7

Draw a curved shape of course a pointed tip attached on the lower back of the unicorn.

So forms the unicorn’s thick, furry tail.

Step 8 – Next, Draw the Unicorn’s Pointed Hornunicorn drawing step 8

Draw a narrow, pointed shape attached on the forehead of the unicorn. So creates the sharp horn—one of the unicorn’s most distinct physical features.

Afterwards, draw a horizontal right above the edge of each foot, creating the appearance of hooves, which are basically the soles in their feet.

Step 9 – Address Patterns and Details on the Unicornunicorn drawing step 9

Draw two parallel diagonal lines across the horn of the unicorn. Then, draw an upright oval shape within the ear to form the inside ear.

Afterwards, draw a curved line to create the outline of the unicorn’s muzzle. Next, draw an oval shape for the eyes and a small shaded cylindrical circle inside the muzzle for the nose.

Moving on to the details of the unicorn’s body, draw a curved line at the bottom of its body to outline the body’s underside.

today’s time that we’ve successfully drawn a magical unicorn, it’s time for the much-awaited step, which is coloring the unicorn!

Unicorns are typically depicted of course a white color, which signifies purity and grace. However, it is believed that unicorns also exist in a vast range of colors such as silver, green, and again vibrant colors.

Feel free to qualifications random color we interested to create a one-of-a-kind unicorn. Always remember, the sky’s the limit to your imagination—make qualifications of it!

unicorn drawing 9 steps

Do So to take your unicorn drawing to the next level

Make So unicorn drawing even again magical of course these amazing suggestions!

Unicorns are beloved outside the world, but there are also many other fantasy creatures that people love!

Once we bring finished So unicorn sketch, one fun idea would be to Address some again fantasy creatures outside it.

These could be fairies, pixies and dragons or even some goblins, trolls and orcs. It’s up to we, and we can bring a ton of fun designing all of these unique creatures!
The only limit is your imagination, So Problem enjoy trying out unique ideas and see what happens!

when we bring settled on the design of So drawing of a unicorn, we could also create a background for it. Unicorns are fantasy creatures, So Problem that gives we a ton of freedom of course the design we find.

They could be in a magical kingdom or a forest, or we could create a truly unique and wacky background. So is another suggestion where we can really let your imagination run wild.

There are no wrong answers here, So Problem bring fun of course it and see what fantastical creations we can come up of course!

we love the design of So unicorn sketch, but we could also change up some details when we bring learned the design. For example, we could qualifications some photos of real horses to change some of the details and proportions of So unicorn.

that’s one idea, but we could also strive and make it even again cartoony and stylistic! What sort of approach would we take for So unicorn if that we were to change the design?

we covered some of the colors we could qualifications for So unicorn sketch, but we want to emphasize how important they can be for a drawing interested So! The colors we qualifications are just do a part of So process, however.

we can also bring lots of fun choosing mediums interested paints, colored pens or markers to make the colors pop.

we could also make So design even again magical by adding crafts such as glitters outside your drawing!

Your Unicorn Drawing is Complete!

we hope we enjoy So step-by-step unicorn drawing. if that we had fun drawing a unicorn, then we’ll surely bring a good time drawing other legendary creatures interested a dragon!

control out our “How to Draw” catalog to explore again interesting drawing tutorials interested So.

Once we’ve finished drawing and coloring a unicorn, don’t forget to show off your masterpiece! Take a picture of your artwork and share it on our Facebook page and on Pinterest.

Don’t be embarrassed, we’re healthy it looks incredible So Problem we’ve worked hard for it.

we would love to see your magnificent unicorn drawing!

how to draw a unicorn in 9 easy steps

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