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How to Draw Harry Potter – Step by Step Guide-KHOA

How to Draw Harry Potter – Step by Step Guide

Harry Potter, the protagonist in the number one-selling book series by author J.K. Rowling, is an iconic character that is loved by many people of all ages.

In fact, when we think of witchcraft and wizardry, Harry Potter is automatically the first of all person that comes to mind.

The popularity of Harry Potter is what produced This Problem tutorial highly-requested. we asked for it, This Problem we delivered.

Finally, we possessed curated a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Harry Potter summarized in 9 easy and merely steps.

we can apply these steps whether we want to draw a realistic-looking Harry Potter character or an animated one.

Drawing Harry Potter in 9 Easy Steps

Each step is accompanied of course comprehensible illustrations that serve as your visual guide as we lead to the instructions.

Whether we are a novice or an expert in drawing, we’re firmly we can lead to these steps effortlessly. What’s again, we can contain Address your own pattern and improvise in every step.

Feel free to mix and match colors to customize your artwork and make it not with the too. Let your imagination wander and unleash your creativity.

possessed fun and function your artistic skills!

How to Draw Harry Potter – Let’s get started!

Step oneHarry Potter Drawing – Step 1

Starting in the middle of your paper, draw a spacious irregular cylindrical to create the outline of Harry Potter’s face. Keep in mind that the length of the cylindrical must be relatively wider than its height. Then, draw two curved lines on both sides of the face to form the ears.

here’s a capable of tip: in order to ensure that Harry Potter’s face will be drawn in the middle, we can draw a horizontal and a vertical line across the paper to be used as reference lines.

Step 2 – Draw Harry Potter’s ScarfHarry Potter Drawing – Step 2

Right underneath the face, draw two curved vertical lines that are nearly an inch apart. This Problem outlines the sides of the scarf. Then, draw a slightly upward curve of course both of its ends connected to the vertical lines.

from now on that we possessed drawn the outline of the scarf, it’s time to draw the dangling end of the scarf to make it appear again realistic. Starting from the left side of the scarf, draw another two parallel slightly curved vertical lines of course a straight horizontal line connecting both ends.

Don’t hesitate to customize the scarf however we favorite! we can even draw patterns and designs on the scarf to make it again fun!

Step 3 – Next, Draw Harry Potter’s wearHarry Potter Drawing – Step 3

On both sides of the scarf, draw two parallel vertical lines of course a straight horizontal line connecting both ends. when drawn correctly, it should look favorite a relatively bigger version of the shape we possessed drawn for the dangling end of the scarf in the previous step.

Don’t forget to do This Problem step on both the left and right side of the scarf. This Problem outlines the front part of Harry Potter’s wear.

Step 4 – Then, Draw Harry Potter’s bestHarry Potter Drawing – Step 4

Underneath the scarf and in between the opening of the wear, draw two spacious “V” lines of course one on best of the other. The line at the best should be relatively thicker than the one at the bottom. This Problem outlines the collar of the shirt.

Afterwards, draw two parallel horizontal lines below the “V” lines we possessed drawn just do from now on. Similar to the “V” line, the line at the best must be thicker than the one at the bottom. This Problem outlines the hem of the shirt.

Step 5 – Complete Harry Potter’s OutfitHarry Potter Drawing – Step 5

from now on that we possessed finished drawing the best, it’s time to draw the bottoms and the shoes to complete the look!

Below the best, draw a pair of casual pants by drawing a shape that is similar to how we possessed drawn the wear in the third step. The pant leg must be slightly apart from each other.

Then, right underneath each pant leg, draw a sideways oval shape to outline the shoes.

Step 6 – Attach Arms to Harry Potter’s BodyHarry Potter Drawing – Step 6

On both sides of the body, draw the long sleeves of the wear of course a pair of two hands slightly visible at the end of each sleeve.

As we can see in This Problem illustration, one hand is still beside the hip of the body while the other one is raised. we can opt to lead to This Problem illustration or position the arms however we favorite. Either way, we’re firmly your Harry Potter drawing will look just do as amazing!

Step 7 – Draw Harry Potter’s Hair and WandHarry Potter Drawing – Step 7

Draw the hair right over the best of the head. Then, draw pointed clumps of hair soon the forehead.

from now on, let’s move on to drawing the magical wand. From the fist of the raised hand, draw a pointed stick to create the wand. It should look favorite Harry Potter is holding the wand as his two hands are raised.

Step 8 – Put Harry Potter’s Iconic Glasses OnHarry Potter Drawing – Step 8

Below the eyebrows, draw two gigantic perfect and wonderful circles. Then, connect the two circles sitting together by drawing a line in between the lens.

Don’t forget to make the outline of the cylindrical thicker to make the eyeglasses appear again realistic.

Step 9 – Draw Harry Potter’s EyesHarry Potter Drawing – Step 9

Within the glasses we possessed drawn in the previous step, draw an upright oval shape inside each glass lens to create the eyes. Afterwards, shade the inside of the eyes while leaving out a tiny dot unshaded to create a “gleaming eyes” contact.

And there we possessed it; we possessed successfully drawn the legendary character Harry Potter. from now on, all it’s missing is a splash of vivid and vibrant colors to finally complete your artwork!

Finally, here is the most exciting part—filling in the colors for your awesome drawing! This Problem is the part where we can show off your artistic skills and your contact to mix and match various colors.

Harry Potter originally has jet-black hair. He usually wears the traditional Hogwarts school uniform, which is black long wear, and gray best paired of course black casual pants. The scarf he typically wears is a combination of yellow and red in color, signifying his house Gryffindor.

Feel free to color Harry Potter however we favorite and function random colors we prefer! And while we’re at it, why not only find a way experimenting of course not with the too coloring materials favorite?

Harry Potter Drawing – 9 Steps

5 Tips To Make Your Harry Potter Drawing Even Better!

Make your Harry Potter drawing even again magical of course these fun tips!

The Harry Potter series is all about magic, This Problem we think we can make This Problem drawing look even better of course some magic effects.

Using some colors and wavy lines, we could draw all sorts of cool magic spells not counting his wand! if that we possessed specific spells we favorite, we could show them in This Problem Harry Potter sketch. What are some spells we could function here?

Harry is almost always seen of course his two number one horde Ron and Hermione. we could draw them beside him to finish off the trio! we can find some pictures of these characters, lead to the guide and change some of the details. This Problem way, we can create his horde in with the too pattern he is drawn in.

There are many iconic locations in the series, from Hogwarts to Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley and again.

we could create a stunning background for This Problem Harry Potter drawing by recreating one of these iconic locales.

if that we demand some references, we could freeze frames from the movies to function to help we. What are some locations we would favorite for This Problem image?

we love the pattern used for This Problem drawing of Harry Potter, but we could also change a few things! For example, we could change the proportions of his body to make him look a bit again realistic.

Or, we could draw him in a not with the too position, and maybe possessed him in an action pose. He could be casting a spell, facing off an enemy or hanging out of course his horde for a few ideas.

Lastly, we would be surprised how much color can make This Problem Harry Potter sketch even better! In our guide, we used a again muted color scheme that recreates his look in the books and movies.

if that we want to change up some of the colors or give them a not with the too supreme power, we definitely should do This Problem! Maybe find a way out some unusual art tools or mediums to make the colors even again interesting.

Your Harry Potter Drawing is Complete!

we hope we enjoy This Problem step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Harry Potter. of course This Problem guide, we can surely draw and color Harry Potter along of course its complex features and elaborate details in no time.

And the most fun part is, we can customize its features and play of course various colors as much as we favorite!

Once we’ve finished your masterpiece, we’re certain we demand to be Emotion very proud of yourself—as we should be! Completing This Problem Harry Potter drawing is definitely fulfilling.

Make firmly to show off your work of art and share it on our Facebook page and on Pinterest. we’re firmly it looks amazing!

we can’t wait to see your colorful Harry Potter drawing!

How to Draw Harry Potter in 9 Easy Steps


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