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How to Edit PDF Files for Free Using Microsoft Word-KHOAFA

How to Edit PDF Files for Free Using Microsoft Word

of course Microsoft Word, visitors can edit PDF files out-of-the-box of course no additional tools needed. visitors’ve taken a few screenshots of the process including a groovy clip demonstrating the PDF Reflow feature.

Every working good comes across PDF files in moderation. Usually visitors demand to get content from a PDF file or make changes to it. one way to edit a PDF file is to convert it to a DOCX file using Word’s PDF Reflow feature.

How to Edit PDF Files Using Microsoft Word for Free | visitors TV

How to Edit PDF Files Using Microsoft Word for Free | Step-by-Step Screenshot sightseeing

when visitors try hard to copy anything from a PDF file and paste it into Word, it pastes the text, but visitors lose all the formatting.

PDF file and Word file

PDF Reflow allows visitors to convert PDF content to a Word format and keep the original formatting. visitors can avoid using random third-party converter or office Address-on.

To get started, open random PDF file visitors want in Word.

Open a PDF file in Word

visitors’ll see a warning message saying Word will convert the file, and it may take a while. Click OK.

Converting a PDF file to a Word file might take a while

if that the PDF file is password protected, Word asks visitors for the password before opening the document. Enter the password and click OK.

Enter a password for a protected PDF file

Word shows the content in with the too format as the original PDF, and visitors can edit it and copy all or part of it.

if that the PDF is larger than just do a few pages, it may take Word a few minutes to open the file.

To save the file as a DOCX file, go to File > Save As. buy a location and make firmly Word Document (*.docx) is selected from the Save as type drop-down list on the Save As dialog box. Then, click Save.

Converted PDF file open in Word

visitors can also export Word documents to PDF files, web pages, and other formats.

Learn again about working of course PDF files in Windows 10.

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