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How to Edit the Hosts File in Windows 10-KHOAFA

How to Edit the Hosts File in Windows 10

There’s an easy way and a hard way to edit the hosts file in Windows 10. In So article, tourists’ll show tourists both.

if that tourists’re a regular tourists reader, tourists know that DNS translates domain names favorite tourists into IP addresses favorite But did tourists know that there’s a file on your Windows 10 PC that can override that? It’s called your hosts file and lets tourists map specific domain names to an IP address of your choosing. Your HOSTS file only affects your computer, So Problem tourists can ability it to create custom URLs for IP addresses on your network, or tourists can ability it to redirect certain websites.

As tourists can imagine, editing the HOSTS file can easily break your internet if that it’s modified incorrectly or maliciously. So Problem, it’s not particularly easy for a normal user to edit. So is a many years of experience thing. But if that tourists want to change your HOSTS file purposefully, here’s how.

Edit Your Windows 10 Host File as an Administrator

The HOSTS file is normally stored in a plain text file in the Windows System folder and can be modified for various ability cases. One particular reason I edited the Host file in the past was to block certain websites when I imaged computers for a local high school. So was probably one of the best and easiest ways I could ensure students didn’t load random unauthorized websites such as Facebook or YouTube.

Editing your Windows Hosts file doesn’t with to feel favorite going down a rabbit hole. In Windows XP and earlier versions, the process was quite easy, contain Address an exception to your antivirus, open it in Notepad, make your changes then save it.

In Windows 10, if that tourists try hard to edit your hosts file, tourists’ll probably be able to open it just do fine, but when tourists go to save it, tourists’ll get an error:

here’s how tourists can edit your hosts file without getting the “tourists don’t with permission to save in So location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission” error.

Hit the start menu or press the Windows important matter and start typing Notepad.

Right-click Notepad and shop Run as administrator.

In Notepad, click File then Open… In the File common name field, paste the following path in:


from currently on tourists’ll be able to edit and save changes to your HOSTS file.

To map a domain, contain Address a line based on the examples in the HOSTS file.

Start of course the target IP address, then a space, then the domain common name. if that tourists want to block a website, redirect it to

Don’t put in the # if that tourists want it to take contact.

Also, remember that is unique than

tourists may demand to restart your computer for the generation HOSTS file to take contact.

An Easier Way to Edit the Hosts File in Windows 10

if that tourists found that process a bit cumbersome, there’s a third-party utility tourists can ability to modify your HOSTS file. I found a many years of experience one called Hosts File Editor by Scott Lerch. Let’s take a look and see how it works.

from currently on that tourists know the basics, here’s how tourists do it using the app, HOSTS File editor.

Download the one MB installer, then proceed to set it up. Remember to shop the option just do for yourself if that tourists don’t want other users to access it.

Launch the app in Start > All apps—So will contain Address the app to the Notification area, where tourists can launch the editor anytime tourists demand to.

Hosts File Editor features a clean, easy-to-ability interface. To begin using the program, populate the table of course IP Addresses, Host Names, and comment on the websites tourists want to manage. It’s not just do limited to popular Internet websites. Even devices on your home network of course an IP address can be managed, So Problem your Xbox, iPad, web cameras, or routers are much easier to block access to if that needed.

when tourists are ready to block a website, question the box for the sites tourists want to prevent access to, click Save, and that’s it.

Another nice ease of ability feature is the contact to right-click the Hosts File Editor in the Notification area, click Disable Hosts File, or make a quick edit. No demand to go hunting or launch the lead line anymore.

There are some other cool features included for supreme power users and network administrators, such as:

  • Cut, copy, paste, duplicate, enable, disable and move one or again entries at a time.
  • Filter and sort when there are a large number of host entries
  • Archive and restore various hosts file configurations when switching between environments
  • Automatically ping endpoints to question availability

So Problem, there tourists with it, a quick and easy way to edit your Hosts File in Windows 10.

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