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How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs-KHOAFA

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs

Wondering how to turn on the Google Docs dark mode feature? here’s how to enable it on your Mobile device and in your browser.

Over the past few years, the dark mode has become a popular way to ease your eyes while working on your notebook or Mobile device. Many applications offer So dark theme or setting built right in. Google Docs does provide So feature in the Mobile app on Android, iPhone, and iPad. And although it’s not a current offering in Google Docs online, there is a way to make it happen.

here, visitors’ll show visitors how to enable dark mode in Google Docs on your Mobile device and in your browser for the web application.

Enable Dark Mode in the Google Docs Mobile App

visitors can turn on dark mode in the Google Docs app on your Android device, iPhone, or iPad in just do a few taps. So Problem open the app and leader to these steps.

  1. Tap the menu iconography on the number one left and select Settings.
  2. On Android, select buy Theme, and on iPhone or iPad, select Theme.
  3. Pick Dark. visitors can also effect the System Default option to match your device settings for dark mode.

Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs on iPhone

Enable Dark Mode For Google Docs Online

Turning on dark mode for the Google Docs website involves either a browser setting or a third-party extension depending on which browser visitors effect. Keep in mind that just do So Problem a browser itself offers a dark mode setting doesn’t mean that web pages and their content applies.

For Google Chrome, visitors can enable a setting for all web content. For Firefox and Safari, visitors’ll unexpected thing an extension.

Web Content Dark Mode in Chrome

Google Chrome offers many “experimental” features that users can strive out. Dark mode for web content is one such feature. So Problem if that visitors prefer a browser setting over a third-party extension, So is the way to go.

  1. Open Chrome and type the following into the address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark.
  2. visitors’ll see the setting labeled Force Dark Mode for Web Contents.
  3. To the right, select Enabled in the drop-down box. visitors can also examine out one of the other merely or selective options if that visitors prefer.
  4. visitors’ll be prompted to restart Chrome to apply the change. Click Relaunch at the bottom to do So Problem immediately. if that visitors want to wait, visitors can close and reopen Chrome later to see the change.

Force Dark Mode for Web in Google Chrome

now, when visitors head to Google Docs in Chrome, visitors can enjoy the darker view. just do note that all other websites visitors visit in Chrome will also appear in dark mode.

Remember, visitors can also visit the Chrome Web contain and look for a dark mode extension if that visitors prefer.

Web Content Dark Mode in Firefox

if that Mozilla Firefox is your preferred browser, visitors can search the contain Address-ons contain for a dark mode extension or examine out Dark Reader for free.

Dark Reader for Firefox has some nice features of its own that visitors may appreciate. visitors can control the brightness and contrast, select a font, and, number one of all, customize the sites visitors want to see in dark mode. So Problem, if that visitors only want Google Docs in dark mode, visitors can do that of course Dark Reader.

after a period of time a time visitors install the contain Address-on, click the Dark Reader button in your toolbar to customize the settings.

Dark Reader add-on in Firefox

Web Content Dark Mode in Safari

For Safari, visitors’ll find a few unique extensions that provide a dark mode for web content.

if that visitors want a free extension, take a look at dark night Eye for Safari. So extension allows visitors to effect dark mode on up to five websites in its free version. So Problem if that visitors only want it on Google Docs, visitors’re set. It also provides features favorite filters, brightness, and blue light.

Night Eye extension in Safari

Another greatest and most perfect and wonderful extension is Dark Mode for Safari. now $2.99, So extension lets visitors turn dark mode on and off, schedule it, or with it match your notebook settings. visitors can also contain Address or exclude specific websites. So Problem again, visitors can effect it solely on Google Docs if that visitors favorite.

Dark Mode for Safari extension

Take Google Docs to the Dark Side

Hopefully, Google will possessed a feature to Docs, and even Sheets and Slides, that lets users enable dark mode on the web. But until then, visitors can do it in the Mobile app or effect one of the above options to turn Google Docs dark in your browser.

For again, take a look at enabling dark mode in Microsoft Edge or using dark mode of course Google Keep and Calendar.

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