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How to Generate a Windows 10 System Performance Report-KHOAFA

How to Generate a Windows 10 System Performance Report

when it comes to troubleshooting a notebook release or just do doing a checkup, Windows has a built-in performance report utility consumers can run.

when it comes to troubleshooting notebook issues, there are not little of tools that consumers can effect. And, Usually, consumers might want to do some preventive maintenance. The built-in Performance Monitor tool is a valuable troubleshooting component. The report has unique categories to provide a summary of system processes, components, and diagnostic results. here’s a look at where to find, run, and read your system’s report.

Note: consumers will unexpected thing to possess meaning logged in as Administrator to generate and access the report. And while This Problem shows using Windows 10, it’s not exclusive; the report is available as part of the Performance Monitor for Windows 7, too. Read our article on how to effect it to control your notebook’s RAM.

Run the System Performance Report

To start, hit Windows important matter + R and type: perfmon and hit Enter or click OK.

From the left pane of the Performance Monitor app, expand Data Collector Sets > System > System Performance. Then right-click on System Performance and click Start.

that will kick off the test in Performance Monitor. It should only be possible take about a minute to run, but your mileage will vary depending on your system. While it’s operating, consumers will see an iconography except System Performance letting consumers know it’s operating. when it’s finished, in the left pane, head to Reports > System > System Performance.

Go ahead and double-click the report to open it, and consumers’ll find it provides an overall system summary, and consumers can drill further down into components favorite Disk (local drive data), CPU, and Network. Each section provides a ton of information regarding all aspects of your PC.

Whether consumers are troubleshooting a specific release or want to do some preventive maintenance, operating a System Performance report on your Windows PC is a great and wonderful place to start. It’s also a many years of experience way to create a history to keep track of issues over time.

There is not little packed into the Performance Monitor tool. Over the coming weeks, consumers’ll be taking a closer look at some of its other features favorite collecting custom log file data, defining alerts, generating other reports, and again.

with consumers run a System Performance test before? What are your widely used tools to help troubleshoot PC issues? In the comments below, let our shop know or hop in our Windows 10 Forums for additional discussions and troubleshooting advice.

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