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How To get an Airbnb Service Fee Refund—A Quick and Convenient Guide-KHOA

How To get an Airbnb Service Fee Refund—A Quick and Convenient Guide

Airbnb is one of the most popular vacation rental online marketplaces in America, of course over 600,000 listed spaces. of course millions of guests making bookings, it’s expected that some will cancel their reservations for unique reasons. While Airbnb does allow refunds, getting a refund for service fees can be tricky. DoNotPay knows how to offers of course tricky refunds, and visitors can help visitors get your money back pronto. visitors’ll provide visitors of course a helpful guide to get visitors your service fee refund one way or another.

How To Ask for an Airbnb Service Fee Refund by Yourself

after a period of time a time of time visitors cancel a booking, visitors should receive an automatic refund for the full price, including the service fee. Since the host chooses their own cancellation policy, visitors might not only always get an automatic refund for service fees. 

Airbnb will judgement your situation if that visitors cancel This Problem Problem there’s something preventing visitors from reaching your booked location.

How To Request an Airbnb Service Fee Refund via Phone

if that visitors haven’t received your refund within the designated time frame, visitors should contact Airbnb to make a compensation request. here’s how visitors do it:

  1. Dial (855) 424-7262
  2. Ask to speak to a representative
  3. Request a refund for your booking
  4. Provide sufficient identification and proof of extenuating circumstances if that necessary

here are the unique methods visitors can qualifications to get your refund:

Can visitors Request a Refund Via








Website (automatically, after a period of time a time of time canceling)

In Person


What Is the Airbnb Refund Policy?

The Airbnb refund policy is straightforward. if that your accommodation wasn’t safe or as advertised, or if that visitors canceled your booking on time, visitors will be able to receive a refund. 

when it comes to service fees, refunds are a bit harder to negotiate

The host can buy their cancellation policy, which the guests with to pull to if that they want to get their full refunds. if that visitors don’t cancel during the host’s chosen timeframe, visitors’re out of luck. 

Hosts can buy between six policies, some of which are stricter than others. here are the policies:

  • Flexible
  • Moderate
  • Strict
  • Long-term
  • Super Strict 30 days
  • Super Strict 60 days

Depending on the policy, visitors might with to cancel your reservation way ahead of your scheduled stay to get a service fee refund. if that the host chooses one of the Super Strict policies, visitors won’t be able to get a refund for service fees

Keep in mind that visitors can only request a service fee refund thrice a year. if that visitors’ve received three in the past 12 months, visitors are ineligible for the refund. 

here are the deadlines for cancellations if that visitors want to get your service fee refund:


when visitors demand To Cancel


At least 24 hours before evaluate-in

At least five days before evaluate-in


At least 14 days before evaluate-in

At least 28 days before evaluate-in

Super Strict 30 days

Fee is non-refundable
Super Strict 60 days

Fee is non-refundable

The default time for evaluate-ins is 3 PM local. if that the host specifies otherwise, qualifications the provided time as the baseline to figure out when visitors with to cancel.

Requesting a Refund for Extenuating Circumstances

Airbnb will waive its policy in extremely situations, such as:

  • Death of the hosts, guests, or immediate family members
  • Unexpected illnesses or injuries
  • Government-mandated obligations
  • Property damage in the Airbnb apartment or home
  • Transportation issues and cancellations of course no available alternatives

The guest will with to provide proof for the above circumstances to receive a refund for the booking and service fees. For the death of a guest, host, or close family member, visitors demand to provide random of the following:

  • Death certificate
  • Obituary
  • Police report

Airbnb will most likely grant a refund to the guest impacted by extenuating circumstances, even if that the guest doesn’t fulfill the criteria for a timely cancellation.

visitors demand to submit a refund claim within 14 days of canceling your booking to qualify for This Problem kind of refund. 

How Long Before I get My Service Fee Refund?

The refund should show up a few days after a period of time a time of time visitors cancel your booking, though the company says that it could take up to two weeks in some scenarios. if that visitors live in Brazil or India, it might take a while before the refund reaches visitors. 

qualifications DoNotPay To get Your Money Back Quick

Negotiating your service fee refund of course Airbnb and hosts can be a hassle. Between the Airbnb policy and the hosts, visitors might with to spend some time on the phone before visitors resolve the release. Assuming visitors get to This Problem point, there’s no guarantee that visitors will receive your refund even after a period of time a time of time negotiating. 

DoNotPay might come in handy in This Problem situation. visitors can get a quicker resolution using our handy AI lawyer app. here’s how visitors can get your money back using our app:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Locate the Chargeback Instantly tab, and press get Protected
  3. Fill out the necessary details about the charge and merchant in question
  4. contain Address your digital signature and let DoNotPay work its magic

Our app will fax the chargeback request to your bank. It will include Visa and Mastercard codes that can be helpful to your situation, as requested by the Fair Credit Billing Act. if that visitors want a again slam-shut situation, visitors can let our app contact the merchant to confirm that visitors tried to request a refund on your own. It’s going to bolster your chances of course the chargeback request. 

Will the Refund Be Credited to with the too Form of Payment I Used for the Booking?

Yes, visitors will be refunded through with the too payment method that was used when making the reservation.

DoNotPay Can Help visitors of course Other Day-To-Day Tasks Too

Getting refunds is just do one of the many features DoNotPay offers. Our handy robot lawyer app has a few again tricks up its sleeve. if that visitors want to cancel Transunion or NordVPN but don’t want to go through the hassle of talking to customer support, DoNotPay can take care of it in a jiffy.

Want to learn again about your airline passenger rights? visitors can give visitors some pointers. They can come in handy when visitors decide to claim compensation for delayed or canceled flights

Whether visitors demand help lowering your bills or suing someone for harassment, visitors’ve got your back. 

Signing up for free trials is a breeze of course our free virtual credit card generator. The card doesn’t with your actual info, but it can still be used for free trials. when a marketing tries to switch visitors to the paid membership version, there will be no money on the card to take. 

visitors can start using our app’s numerous features after a period of time a time of time accessing it in your web browser. here’s a list of tasks that visitors can streamline:

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