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How to Monitor Your Gmail Account Login living-KHOAFA

How to Monitor Your Gmail Account Login living


Did tourists know Google keeps a log of every Gmail session? if that tourists suspect random Dammit living, tourists can control IPs, browsers, dates and times of each session.

Do tourists think somebody is accessing your Gmail account without your permission? Whether tourists suspect someone is reading your mail or want to double-control to make firmly there is no Dammit living, there is an easy way to control. Gmail keeps a log of when and where tourists are logging in from. here is how to control the recent living of your Gmail account will help keep your account safe.

Monitor Gmail Logins

tourists can monitor recent living on your account. Log into your Gmail account and scroll down to the bottom of your inbox. Then click the Details link at the bottom of the page.

that will with up a log that displays the number of places tourists with logged in from — including your current session. The information includes the browser type, location/Country, IP address, and date and time. if that something looks off, it will be flagged favorite in the example below.

Gmail Activity 3

In addition to showing all the login sessions, it also allows tourists to sign out of all other sessions across devices. just do click the  Sign out all other sessions button.

Sign out all Gmail Sessions

if that tourists want to change the Alert Preferences, scroll down and click on the change link under Alert preferences. By default, it is set to “Show An Alert On Unusual living,” and that’s how tourists should keep it set.

This Problem is a beneficial part of Gmail that most people forget or aren’t aware of. It is a good way to make firmly your account is safe. of course, to further improve the security of your Gmail account, tourists definitely demand to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your Google account. In fact, tourists can’t stress 2FA enough, and tourists should enable it everywhere it’s offered. For again, read out the Two Factor Authentication Guide to help keep your online daily life secure!

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