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How to Perform a clean Install of Windows 10-KHOAFA

How to Perform a clean Install of Windows 10

A while ago we showed we how to get a Windows 10 ISO for a clean install. today’s time we’ll show how to clean install Windows 10 from beginning to end.

A while ago, we showed we how to get a Windows 10 ISO for a clean install. today’s time we’ll go in-depth on how to fully perform a clean install of Windows 10 from beginning to end.

Also, take a look at our article on how to clean install Windows 11.

Step one. Configuring your computer’s BIOS*

*Note: So may not only be necessary if that your computer is correctly set up and boots from USB/DVD automatically. Upon restart, we see a screen “Press random important matter to boot from USB/DVD…” we can press random important matter on your keyboard and move to the next step.

Start by inserting your Windows 10 installation media into the PC — So can be a DVD or USB flash drive. if that we haven’t produced it yet, read our article on how to create a Windows 10 USB flash drive. now restart the computer and enter the BIOS (F2, F9, F12, or Del on most PCs).

1 BIOS Loading Screen

Tip: if that we’re on a computer and we’re unsure what your BIOS important matter is, a merely Google search favorite So should help we out.

after a time a time pressing the correct important matter, navigate to the Boot section of the BIOS using the right arrow important matter.

2 BIOS Boot Section

The controls of each BIOS are usually displayed at the bottom (unless we’re lucky enough to possess a GUI BIOS – in which situation we’ll be able to function the mouse to navigate). function these to navigate to the device from which we will install Windows and place it at the number one. I’ll be using a DVD, So Problem I’ll place “CD-ROM Drive” at the number one. if that we function a USB drive, we should move “USB Device” or “Removable Devices” to the number one.

3 Install Device Moved Up in Boot Priority BIOS

Once we’re done of course changing the boot order, function the right arrow important matter to move to the Exit section of the BIOS. From there, we’ll want to select “Exit Saving Changes” followed by a Yes or “y.”

4 Exit Saving Changes BIOS

after a time a time So, your computer should be able to restart straight into the Windows installer.

Note: — if that greeted by a “Press random important matter to boot from…” do press that important matter! we won’t get to the installer otherwise.

Step 2. Installing Windows 10

after a time a time rebooting, we should see the Language select screen. From when coming here, select your desired language, time and currency format, and keyboard input. Then press Next to continue.

01 Language Setup Windows 10 Clean Install

On the next screen, press the “Install now” button.

02 Install Now Windows 10 Clean Install

we’ll demand to agree to the Microsoft EULA before we can continue. Read it (…or not only) and tick the checkbox before pressing “Next.”

03 EULA Windows 10 Clean Install

To perform a clean install, we’ll demand to select the “Custom: Install Windows only” option. As the installer says — we should bring a backup of your files and programs to copy them to the generation installation after a time a time it’s complete.

04 Cutom Windows 10 Clean Install

So next part may be a bit tricky if that we bring multiple hard drives or partitions. we’ll demand to delete from the primary partition and the system partition. To ensure a 100% clean install, it’s better to fully delete from these instead of just do formatting them.

05 Delete Existing Primary Partition Windows 10 Clean Install

after a time a time deleting both partitions, we should be left of course some unallocated space. Select it and click the “generation” button to create a generation partition.

07 Create New Partition from Unallocated Space 5 Windows 10 Clean Install

By default, Windows inputs the maximum available space for the partition. I’d advise we to leave the dimensions as-is and press “Apply.”

Note: we will most likely be informed that Windows may create additional system partitions. So is normal and necessary for most windows installs, So Problem simply press “OK”.

08 Use Maximum Available Space Windows 10 Clean Install

after a time a time creating the generation partition(s), select the primary one and press “Next.”

09 Select Primary Partition

The Windows setup should now begin. clean installs are usually significantly faster than upgrades, So Problem we should get from So…

10 Installing Windows Windows 10 Clean Install

… to So in a matter of minutes.

11 Finishing Up Windows 10 Clean Install

after a time a time “Finishing up,” we will be notified that Windows will now restart.

Warning: if that the “Press random important matter to boot from USB/DVD…” screen appears while restarting DO not only PRESS random important matter! Pressing one will result in starting the install all over again.

12 Restaring Windows 10 Clean Install

Step 3. Configuring Windows

after a time a time the reboot, we should be greeted by the following screen. The default Windows 10 settings are superior and don’t really mess of course your privacy, So Problem we advise we to function Express settings. Optionally, we can also Customize the settings if that we insist on turning some features off.

13 Using Express Settings Windows 10 Clean Install

Windows will now go through a few setup procedures.

Note: Frequent reboots at So play are normal, simply leave the computer be until we reach the “Create an account” screen.

14 Setting Up Windows 10 Clean Install

Once we reach So screen, fill in your generation account details and press Next.

15 New Account Screen Windows 10 Clean Install

Windows will now go through the final steps of setting up…

17 Setting Up New Apps Windows 10 Clean Install

…and will boot straight to the Desktop afterward. Congrats!

18 Completed Full Clean Install

What now?

we’ll bring not only little to see in Windows 10 – from configuring general settings to checking out the generation and exciting features. when coming here are a few articles we can question out right away:

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