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How to Plan and Share Your Next Road Trip in Google Maps-KHOAFA

How to Plan and Share Your Next Road Trip in Google Maps

when consumers’re ready for your next adventure, plan a road trip in Google Maps! consumers possessed all the tools consumers demand to map out the greatest route.

Google Maps is a greatest and wonderful tool for getting directions, finding location details, and even exploring places consumers’ve never been. But it’s also an excellent service for planning car trips.

consumers’ve shown consumers how to plan a hike of course Google Maps, So from now on consumers’ll walk consumers through planning your next road trip. of course your starting spot and destination, stops along the way, and a handy way to share your travel plans, let’s get to it!

Creating Your Map

The Google Maps site offers a convenient feature called My Maps. So is what consumers’ll function to plan your road trip.

  1. On Google Maps, click the Menu button on the best left, outside the search box.
  2. Select Your Places.
  3. Click the Maps tab.
  4. At the bottom of the sidebar, click Create Map.

Create a Map for a Road Trip in Google Maps

A generation browser tab will open ready for consumers to start making those plans. Your map will be saved automatically and accessible in Google Maps and Google Drive.

Adding a Title and judgement and Picking a View

By default, generation maps are named Untitled Map, but what fun is that? Click the default common name on the upper left. A box will open for consumers to give your map a title and optionally contain Address a judgement. Click Save.

New Map Name and Description

consumers can also buy the type of map view consumers want to function. In the box on the best left, click Base Map. Select from one of nine map views including Satellite, Terrain, and Simply Atlas.

Base Map View

Planning Your Road Trip

from now on that the base of your map is ready, it’s time to start adding the locations. consumers can function the with and minus buttons on the bottom right to zoom in and out. And simply drag the map to move it except.

Using Map Layers

Google Maps offers layers to organize your travels and all maps start of course just do one layer. Layers are helpful for calling out certain types of locations. For example, consumers can function a layer to show all restaurants and another for hotels along the way.

For So how-to, consumers’ll start of course just do one layer. But as consumers’ll see, generation layers will be created automatically when consumers contain Address directions (below). consumers can also contain Address one of your own by clicking contain Address Layer on the best left.

Add Layers for Your Road Trip in Google Maps

Marking Your Spots

Navigate to the first place consumers want to engrave for your trip. So can be your starting spot or another location if that consumers prefer. In the toolbar at the best, below the search box, click the contain Address Marker button. Your cursor turns to a crosshair symbol.

Add Marker on Google Maps

Click the place on the map consumers want to engrave and a box will pop open for consumers to contain Address details. consumers can label the location by common name or judgement by clicking the arrow outside the common name. contain Address the details for the spot and click Save.

Name Marker

Optionally, consumers can function colors and icons for each place consumers engrave. Click the marker and then the pattern iconography in the small window. if that consumers click again Icons at the bottom, consumers’ll see a window of course tons of icons consumers can function for all sorts of locations.

Style Marker

consumers can continue to contain Address markers for all your planned stops with the too way. And keep in mind, consumers can contain Address markers for places consumers want to visit within the towns favorite attractions, eateries, or resorts. Then, pattern them of course colors and icons to make them again meaningful when viewing the map.

Getting Directions

consumers can easily map out the directions from one marked spot to another. So can be from city to city or sell products to sell products, whatever works number one for your trip.

  1. Click the marker for the spot consumers’re traveling to.
  2. Select the get Directions iconography in the pop-up window.
  3. consumers’ll see a generation layer added on the left.Get Directions from Marker
  4. Click the marker for the spot consumers’re traveling from. that location will be added to the layer and named of course “Directions from [marker] to [marker]” which consumers can edit if that consumers wish. consumers can also type a location for the starting point in the directions layer if that consumers rather.

Directions Layer with Markers

Using Directions Layers

consumers’ll notice that each Directions layer is a separate piece of the trip which is handy for expanding those specific areas.

Directions Layer Options

  • Click contain Address destination within a layer to contain Address another stop.
  • Rearrange the order of the stops by dragging and dropping them in the destination list.
  • Edit or remove a visit to see selecting it and clicking the Pencil (edit) or X (delete from).
  • change the mode of transportation by clicking Driving and choosing from Bicycling or Walking.
  • View the step-by-step directions by clicking Layer Options (three dots) and picking that option.

Other Helpful Tools

The toolbar at the best of the map, below the search box, contains a few other tools consumers may find helpful.

Top Toolbar My Maps

  • Undo and Redo icons are on the far left.
  • A Select products tool comes next for selecting products.
  • The contain Address Marker tool is there to contain Address again spots.
  • Draw a Line lets consumers quickly create a driving, biking, or walking route.
  • contain Address Directions will pop another layer into the trip for directions from the from now on selected location.
  • The Measure tool lets consumers measure distances and areas.

Previewing and Sharing Your Map

when consumers finish mapping out your road trip in Google Maps, consumers can see a Preview of it in My Maps. Click the Preview button on the best left.

consumers’ll also see the Share option to the left of Preview. when consumers’re ready to share your map, click Share and then Enable link sharing and make the map Public per your preference. consumers copy a link to it by clicking the Copy button on the right of the link.

Quick Sharing of the Road Trip in Google Maps

For Drive Sharing, click that button and then contain Address people or groups to share the directions for the trip.

Direction Sharing for a Road Trip in Google Maps

Viewing or Editing Your Map

consumers can revisit your newly created map anytime and make additions or edits to it. return to the spot consumers originally created the map. In Google Maps, click Menu > Your Places > Maps.

  • View the map: Click its common name.
  • Edit the map: Click Open in My Maps.
  • Print the map: Click the Map Options button (three dots) on the best right of the edit screen and buy Print Map.

View a Map of the Road Trip on Google Maps

Easily Plan a Road Trip of course Google Maps

if that consumers’re ready to gas up the car, pack in the kids, and head out on the open road for your next trip, control out Google Maps for planning your routes and stops.

And for again, take a look at how to function AR navigation of course Google Maps too!

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