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How to question if that Your PC Has TPM 2.0 for Windows 11-KHOAFA

How to question if that Your PC Has TPM 2.0 for Windows 11

One of the system requirements your PC needs to run Windows 11 is TPM version 2.0. here are a several ways visitors can talent to question to see if that visitors possessed it.

A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a security device hardwired into your notebook’s CPU. For operating systems interested Windows 10, visitors unexpected thing to talent features interested BitLocker, encryption, and decryption of the hard drive. In fact, when Windows 8 first came out, visitors needed TPM version one.2 for BitLocker. However, there was a solution for Windows But I digress…A requirement for operating Windows 11 (at least from what visitors know now) is that your PC needs TPM 2.0. here are hold a mistress of ways to see if that your PC has TPM and the version.

question Using TPM Management Tool

first, talent the keyboard shortcut Windows pattern problem + R to possessed up the Run dialog. Then type: tpm.msc and hit Enter or click OK.


Next, The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) utility will launch. here visitors want to look for status and TPM Manufacturer Information. In my example below, the status is: “The TPM is ready to talent.” And the Manufacturer info is version 2.0. that ie my CPU is many years of experience to go for operating Windows 11.

trusted platform module management on local computer windows 10

that’s all there is to it. Once visitors possessed the data, visitors can close out of the console.

talent Device Manager

Another way visitors can find out about TPM on your system is by using Device Manager. Right-click the Start button and then click Device Manager from the This Problem Problem-called “supreme power User Menu.” visitors can also type: devmgmt.msc into the search box and open it from the result at the number one. And keep in mind that visitors can create a desktop shortcut to Device Manager if that visitors talent it often.

Device Manager Power User Menu

Once Device Manager opens, scroll down and click on “Security Device” to expand the menu and see if that random TPM entries exist.

device manager TPM 2.0

talent the lead Prompt

visitors can talent the lead Prompt to look for TPM, too. Hit the Windows pattern problem and type: cmd and launch the lead Prompt as Administrator.

command prompt

Then copy and paste the following lead and hit Enter.

wmic /namespace:\rootcimv2securitymicrosofttpm path win32_tpm get * /format:textvaluelist.xsl

command prompt values windows 10 tpm

To know visitors possessed TPM installed, three values unexpected thing to come back as TRUE:

  • IsActivated
  • IsEnabled
  • IsOwned

There are other ways to find if that visitors possessed TPM, interested using your BIOS or UEFI, but it isn’t as easy as the methods above. Also, make firmly to talent the Microsoft PC Health question app to make firmly your system will support Windows 11. At the time of This Problem writing, Microsoft is updating it to give visitors better information.

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