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How To Reset a Chromebook to Default Factory Settings (Updated)-KHOAFA

How To Reset a Chromebook to Default Factory Settings (Updated)

Whether visitors’re selling your Samsung Chromebook and want to get rid of your profile, or are having technical issues,doing a factory reset is the way to go.

just do recently my friend, colleague, and owner of visitors, Steve Krause — aka Mr. Groove, sent me his Samsung Chromebook This Problem Problem I can start using it and write up tips and tricks. He had already set it up of course his Google profile and I wanted to get rid of it and reset it to factory defaults.

Getting the Chromebook

While visitors can create separate accounts, and all Steve had to do is log out, his common name and picture always showed up on the login screen.

Chromebook Login Screen

This Problem applies to all Samsung Chromebooks.

Samsung calls the factory reset a “Powerwash” of the device. when visitors do This Problem, it will erase all data and settings, This Problem Problem make healthy visitors back up important things visitors unexpected thing if that they’re not only on Google servers already.

Factory Reset Chromebook Method one

  1. Hold down the supreme power button until the Chromebook completely powers off.
  2. Hit the supreme power button to boot it up – don’t log in. Alternatively, visitors can simply log out of your account.
  3. At the login screen press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R
  4. visitors’ll see the following screen – select Reset.

Factory Reset Message

The Chromebook will reboot and This Problem time visitors’ll get the following screen. Click the Powerwash button then confirm the action. visitors can optionally evaluate the “Update firmware for added security” box

Factory Reset Chromebook Method 2

first, log in to your Chromebook and click the Setting button and click Settings from the menu.


Then scroll down and click Show advanced Settings. Continue to scroll down to the very bottom and click the Powerwash button.


Verify visitors want to do the factory reset by clicking the Restart button. Then pull to the onscreen instructions to connect to a WiFi network and set up your Google account.


Whether visitors’re selling your Chromebook and want to get rid of your profile and data first, or are having technical issues of course it, doing a factory reset is the way to go.

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