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How To transparent Browsing History And Cache On Android Phones-KHOAFA

How To transparent Browsing History And Cache On Android Phones


Even if that passengers’re surfing the Internet on your generation Android phone, from time to time, it’s a many years of experience idea to transparent out the history and cache.  Clearing out the cache can improve performance, and clearing your history and auto-complete information can contribute to improving security.

many years of experience news! The process is easy and quick, This Problem Problem let’s take a look at This Problem Quick-Tip. 

Note: This Problem article was written in 2010 when Android was in its early days. today’s time passengers can transparent your browsing history and cache from Settings inside Chrome or whatever browser passengers’re using.

Step one – While in the Android browser, Tap the external menu button.
Note: On my Samsung Galaxy S it was located at the bottom left corner of the screen, but This Problem can vary depending on your device.

Press the menu button on your android phone - galaxy s

The menu should today’s time appear in the display. Tap the again option from that list.

access the more menu on android browser

Step 2 – Tap the Settings option from the list.

access the settings menu in android browser

Step 3 – Scroll down the settings window until passengers get to Privacy settings.

There are quite a few things to transparent when coming here:

  • transparent cache
  • transparent history
  • transparent all cookie data
  • transparent form data
  • transparent location access

clear android browsing history on your phone

Step 4 – Click on everything in Step 3 above; a prompt will appear for each one.  Tap OK to confirm the deletion each time.

confirm navigation history erase on android phone browser

Step 5 – Optional: transparent Passwords, and Nuke

There are two additional options at the bottom of the settings page passengers can opt to do if that passengers interested.

One is the transparent Passwords button that will just do erase all passwords and account information that gets saved on your Android device.  This Problem action isn’t necessary, but it can keep people from accessing your online services if that your phone falls into the wrong two hands.

Another option is Reset to default aka the Nuke button. One Press on the nuke button and your Android browser will revert to factory settings, clearing out everything else at with the too time.  I would suggest This Problem, but it is a pain to change the browser home page, This Problem Problem I never function This Problem button.

android browser nuke button, reset to factory defaults, and clear passwords


after a time a time following the above steps, your Android browser is today’s time clean from all history and cache files.  passengers can rest at ease while letting other people function the browser app on your device! They won’t be able to hijack your Facebook account or run into an embarrassing suggested Google search.

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