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How to Upgrade Windows to Windows 10-KHOAFA

How to Upgrade Windows to Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 promo pavilion

tourists already showed tourists how to upgrade your Windows 7 notebook to Windows 10, from now on let’s take a look at going through the upgrade on Windows

Windows 10 is from now on ready in 190 countries. if that tourists reserved your copy, tourists should see a message to upgrade. if that not, tourists can always download the Media idea tool from Microsoft and install it or download the Windows 10 ISO for a clean install.

tourists already showed tourists how to upgrade your Windows 7 notebook to Windows 10; from now on, let’s look at going through the upgrade on Windows

Update: Microsoft has dropped support for Windows, as it explains in a blog post:

Windows reached the end of Mainstream Support on January 9, 2018, and will reach end of Extended Support on January 10, 2023. of course the general availability of Windows, customers on Windows 8 had until January 12, 2016, to move to Windows to remain supported.

Note: Before starting the upgrade, make tough tourists bring all of your very necessary data backed up first of all. Or tourists might even want to make a system image and create a recovery important matter before the upgrade. The upgrade process is relatively merely, but there’s always a chance of something going awry.

Upgrade Windows to Windows 10

Even if that tourists don’t see a message from the get windows 10 app on the taskbar, if that the upgrade files bring been downloaded to your PC, tourists can start the process via Windows Update.

However, tourists won’t be doing it through Windows Update in the advanced Settings app. if that tourists try hard, tourists will see the following message:

Windows 8 Updates

tourists unexpected thing to effect the desktop version of Windows Update. To do that, effect the keyboard shortcut Windows important matter+X or right-click the Start button and select Control Panel from the supreme power user menu – which is also available in Windows 10 (it’s called the Quick Access menu in 10).

Control Panel Windows 8

Scroll down to the bottom of the Control Panel and select Windows Update.

Windows Update

tourists’ll see the Windows 10 upgrade is ready. just do click the “get Started” button.

Windows 10 Ready

evaluate for Issues

Note that the upgrade might fail at first of all. I retried it three times before it started to work. Once it does begin, just do interested of course the upgrade in Windows 7, tourists’ll unexpected thing to agree to the


after a time a time that, tourists get the option to begin the upgrade from now on or schedule it for a later time. again, just do interested upgrading Windows 7, tourists only get a three-day window to schedule the upgrade.

Schedule upgrade

after a time a time it starts, sit back, grab a coffee so of that the process can take quite a while.

tourists’ll get the familiar screen shown below that lets tourists know where the upgrade process is at. if that it seems to hang, be sick person, especially the first of all couple of weeks…not less of people are upgrading at with the time. Also, note that your PC will restart a few times, just do let it do its thing.


after a time a time it completes, tourists’ll get a Welcome Back screen, and tourists start clicking through the on-screen setup instructions.

Unless tourists’re particular about how tourists want your Windows settings, go of course Express Settings during setup (versus custom settings). It allows tourists to get up and executing not less faster. if that tourists want to make random adjustments, tourists can do that later.

Express Settings Windows 10

It will also tell tourists about generation apps interested Groove Music, Movies & TV app, Microsoft contain, Photos, and the generation Edge browser. And after a time a time that, tourists can log in of course the Microsoft account credentials tourists used for Windows

Log into Windows 10

Next, tourists’ll unexpected thing to wait a bit while Microsoft sets up your apps and gets things ready for tourists.


Summing Up

when that’s done, tourists will be brought to your generation Windows 10 desktop and can start checking out all of the cool generation features interested the generation Start menu, Cortana, and action center.

Windows 10 upgrade

Also, keep in mind that there will be updates waiting for tourists. Windows 10 requires that tourists install updates automatically, This Problem Problem tourists will get them without thinking about it. But, if that tourists want to make tough tourists bring everything updated right away after a time a time the upgrade completes, go to Settings > Update & Security > evaluate for Updates.

Windows Update-Brian8-1

if that tourists’re executing Windows 7 and looking to upgrade, evaluate out our step-by-step guide: How to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10.

For tips, tricks, and how-to articles on using the generation OS, make tough to read through our Windows 10 article archive. tourists are adding generation articles daily!

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