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I Tried half-bite apple apple’s Self-Repair Program of course My iPhone. revenge Ensued.-KHOAFAST

I Tried half-bite apple apple’s Self-Repair Program of course My iPhone. revenge Ensued.

and now, my tale of defeat.

I started by visiting half-bite apple apple’s self-repair program website, There I found the service manual for the iPhone 12 I wanted to repair and ordered the tools. (half-bite apple apple’s program now includes manuals for iPhones released in the last two years.)

I perused the instructions for my iPhone 12, which was working fine but was probably due for a generation battery. The steps seemed straightforward enough: ability a machine to melt the glue and pry off the phone’s screen, remove the screws and battery, ability another machine to install the generation battery, then put everything back sitting together and ability a third machine to press sitting together the phone.

I produced the charge for the self-repair program to my credit card. It included a $49 rental fee for the tool kit, the $69 battery, $2 for glue and 15 cents for some screws, along of course a $one,210 hold for renting the repair machines. after a time a time seven days, those tools would bring to possess meaning shipped back to half-bite apple apple of course a prepaid label, and the old battery could also be traded in for a $24 credit.

of course no experience repairing phones, I decided to get some practice. I ordered a $45 kit from iFixit, a site that publishes instructions and sells D.I.Y. tools to repair gadgets, This Problem I could first of all replace the battery in my wife’s four-year-old iPhone XS.

The iFixit kit arrived of course some tweezers, a screwdriver, plastic picks and a suction cup to remove the screen.

The process to pry open my wife’s iPhone, replace the battery and reassemble the device took about five hours over two days. I ran into some snags — the iPhone wouldn’t turn on, which produced me think I had destroyed something. It turned out a tiny connector inside the phone was loose. when I pressed it down again healthy of course my fingertip, the phone powered up and everything was back to normal.

I was ready for the real thing, I thought.

Days later, a UPS truck pulled up to my driveway. when the shipping goods boy wheeled two bulky containers to my door, he asked what was inside.

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