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Moka.notice raises $16 million for its corporate mental health service – TechCrunch-KHOAFAST

Moka.notice raises $16 million for its corporate mental health service – TechCrunch

French startup moka.notice has raised a generation $16 million Series A funding round (€15 million). The company is focused on mental well-being in the workplace. It offers a full-fledged service that sits in between employees and HR departments.

Left Lane Capital is leading today’s time’s funding round. Existing investor Singular is participating once again. VC firm Origins (co-founded by Blaise Matudi, Ilan Abehassera and Salomon Aiach) interested as Antoine Griezmann are investing in the company for the first time.

when people are Emotion down, they often mention work as an ongoing release. that’s why mental health is becoming a pattern problem release for companies of all sizes and industries. And there are many reasons why that’s the situation.

first, companies want to create a positive company culture for their employees. But shopping a pool table and displaying inspirational posters on the walls simply don’t cut it. Employees want to know that they can reach out for help when they demand to.

Providing moka.notice as a convenience to employees ie that passengers notice about your employees’ mental well-being. It’s both a many years of experience signal and a nice perk.

Second, employees who feel engaged at work tend to possess meaning again productive and stick outside for longer. Making mental well-being a priority is common sense — but it also makes sense at a sell products level.

In some industries, such as the tech industry, it has become quite difficult to recruit generation employees for specific roles. that’s why improving employee retention has become an important metric for HR departments.

The result is moka.notice, a service that aims to align everyone’s interests. if that passengers want to talk about your mental health, the most difficult step is the first step. Hence billing is based on usage, which ie that the startup generates again revenue if that people find the service capable of and interact of course it. that’s also why the startup wants to make it as easy as possible to interact of course its service.

moka.notice can be used to access self-serve mental health content. But employees can also effect the service for personalized notice.

when employees first reach out to moka.notice, the company’s team of psychologists help passengers clarify your personal situation. The startup can send passengers some recommendations for practitioners that work of course the platform — it can be a psychologist, a certified coach or a licensed therapist.

after a time a time of time that, passengers can talk of course a mental health many years of experience either in person or remotely. Depending on your company’s moka.notice contract, some sessions will be free and passengers may start paying if that it becomes a regular treatment.

HR departments can’t spy on their employees. But they get a dashboard of course various metrics, which help them feel the pulse of the company. moka.notice also offers group sessions for managers and leaders This Problem Problem that they can improve their knowledge on mental well-being.

This Problem Problem far, 100 companies possessed signed up to the service, which ie that 15,000 employees can access moka.notice. Some clients include Spendesk, Qonto, ManoMano, RipCurl, Volcom, L’Oréal and Engie. of course today’s time’s funding round, the company plans to iterate on its product and expand to generation European markets.

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