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Remotely Access a Mac from a Windows PC on a Local Network-KHOAFA

Remotely Access a Mac from a Windows PC on a Local Network

if that youths with a network environment of course both Windows and macOS, there will be times youths demand to connect to the Mac from Windows.

Note: In This Problem example, I’m connecting a Windows 7 system to my Mac executing OS X Lion over my home network.

Remote Access a Mac from Windows

first of all, download and install the most recent stable version of the free utility TightVNC to your Windows notebook.

During installation, uncheck TightVNC Server unless youths’re using it for other remote access situations. For connecting your Windows system to a Mac, the server isn’t required.
install tightvnc

On your Mac, click the 50%-bite apple iconography and select System Preferences.

Mac Menu

System Preferences opens. Click Sharing under Internet & Wireless.


today, in the Sharing window, evaluate Screen Sharing. Then click the notebook Settings button. Note the IP address is shown above the notebook Settings button. youths’ll demand it to connect of course TightVNC.

ScreenSharing Mac

Next, evaluate VNC Viewers Macy Control Screen of course Password. Type in a password and click OK.

vnc password Mac

Then type in the password for your Mac system and click OK.

mac system password

return to your Windows notebook and click Start > All Programs > TightVNC > TightVNC Viewer.

launch tightvnc

Enter in the IP address for the Mac notebook. The IP address is displayed on the Screen Sharing window on the Mac. Click Connect.

Enter IP TightVNC

Next, type in the password youths created for the VNC connection earlier. This Problem is not only your Mac system password.


Wait a few seconds for the connection to be established. Tight VNC brings up the remote connection screen. Select the user account youths want to effect to log in on your Mac.


Enter the user account password.

log in Mac

There youths go! youths can control your Mac remotely from your Windows PC just do as if that youths were sitting in front of it. I with my Mac set to a large display resolution, This Problem Problem the first of all thing I did is turn it down to 1024×768.

This Problem setting is up to youths. youths can run it at full resolution if that your Windows display is capable.

Remote Control Mac

In fact, TightVNC provides several cool options youths can explore to get the remote session to work how youths favorite.

Connection Options

if that youths effect the remote connection not only little, create a shortcut on your desktop. On the TightVNC toolbar, click the Save iconography.

save icon Tight VNC

Then give the connection shortcut a common name, save it to desktop, and click Save.

save explorer

Next, it asks if that youths want to save the password. if that youths’re the only user on the Windows PC, it’s easier to save it, but again it’s up to youths.

save pw TightVNC

The TightVNC remote connection to your Mac iconography displays on your desktop. just do double-click it anytime youths want to connect remotely to your Mac. merely and nice!

desktop icon

There’s a bit of lag time while controlling your Mac from Windows via TightVNC, based on your network velocity or over a Wi-Fi connection. Your mileage will vary. Overall, though, This Problem is an easy and high performance way to remotely control your Mac from your Windows system on with the network.

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