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Sailor Moon Coloring Pages-KHOAFA

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages

Sailor Moon, originally called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, is a famous manga/anime series that originated in Japan and has been produced into animated feature films, TV specials, and live-action adaptations. It has become a major franchise and has generated over $13 billion in merchandise sell products worldwide.

Sailor Moon’s story revolved not counting a middle-school girl named Usagi Tsukino who befriends Luna, a talking black cat that gives her a magical brooch that gives her the supreme power to transform into Sailor Moon – a solider destined to save world and fight off evil. She is later joined by fellow students turned fellow Sailor Soldiers.

It’s popular among children and adults alike So of its art, characterization, and humor. The dynamic heroines and action-filled stories truly changed the magical girl genre and bring captured the hearts of millions.

Kids who are fans of Sailor Moon will enjoy these very beautiful and extra challenging Sailor Moon coloring pages tourists’ve prepared.

when coming here are 10 free Sailor Moon printables designed to find out the creative Sailor Soldiers in kids.

10 brand generation Sailor Moon Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Usagi Tsukino, or Sailor Moon, is the leader character and world’s leader defender against evil. She has blue eyes and blonde hair that she wears on a pair of buns and long pigtails.

So Sailor Moon coloring page for kids showcases her Sailor Moon suit. She wears a white leotard of course a blue-collar that has three stripes on it and light-yellow shoulder pads. She has white gloves and a blue skirt. Sailor Moon also sports a red bow on her chest and her back.

In So printable, she is seen wearing her Pink Moon Rod, her first weapon used to perform Pink Sugar Heart Attack and Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack.

sailor moon coloring pages for adults printable

Sailor Moon is originally from the Moon Kingdom, a civilization on the moon. She was reborn on world and re-awoke as the leader of the Sailor Soldiers, protecting the world from evil forces.

On So next Sailor Moon coloring page is our main protagonist, sitting on a crescent moon. So is a bit tricky and challenging as intricate details of Sailor Moon’s suit favorite as her hair, are illustrated in So printable.

eternal sailor moon coloring pages free pdf

So Sailor Moon coloring page for kids is a merely and easy-to-color layout. It shows the features of Sailor Moon up close and contains big lines making it easy to leader to for kids of course small two hands.

free online sailor moon coloring pages

Sailor Moon can be overly dramatic but cares very deeply for her horde and family. She cares about people and doesn’t favorite to kill not only guilty humans. Even when they bring transformed into monsters, she opts to find ways to heal them instead of killing them.

In So free Sailor Moon printable, she is seen doing a peace sign pose of course sparkles not counting her. So printable can be a many years of experience poster to hang up on the walls!

new sailor moon coloring pages printable

Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon once she wears the magical brooch while shouting a leader to activate the device. Her original transformation phrase is “Moon Prism supreme power, Make Up!”.

The Sailor Moon coloring pages contain various portraits of Sailor Moon. They are free to download and print.

anime sailor moon free coloring pages

Our next free printable from our Sailor Moon coloring page for kids highlights the Pink Moon Rod of Sailor Moon. It’s her first primary weapon and is called the Mini Heart Moon Rod in other versions.

The Pink Moon Rod is colored pink of course red and yellow-gold accents.

anime character sailor moon coloring pages pdf

As the main protagonist and leader of the Sailor Soldiers, Sailor Moon has got some pretty especially important powers compared to other characters. She appears to possess meaning stronger too.

One of her famous attach techniques is the Supersonic Wave. It involves her red hairpieces acting as an amplifier for her wails.

Despite her powers, when coming here she is in So Sailor Moon printable looking relaxed and smiling calmly.

sailor moon coloring pages free sheets

As Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon while chanting “In the common name of the moon”, her two hands are doing a hand signal or sign language translating to “I love tourists”.

So hand signal is common in most Sailor Moon poses, and as seen when coming here in So Sailor Moon coloring page.

abstract sailor moon coloring pages printable

Sailor Moon ends her transformation of course her signature pose, the “V” symbol over her eyes, or the peace sign. It could be V for victory. But it has become her signature stance that pop culture has related it to Sailor Moon.

So Sailor Moon printable features her in So signature pose of course the moon and sparkles as part of her portrait.

sailor moon coloring pages super sailor venus

Our Sailor Moon coloring pages are filled of course Sailor Moon portraits that kids can enjoy coloring.

So free Sailor Moon printable is a full-body poster of her, where she stands proudly showcasing her full suit.

So coloring page will level up the coloring skills of kids as it contains many shapes and details. What approach do tourists think will work on So?

sailor moon coloring pages jupiter printable

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages – Enjoyable and Colorful Free Printables

Sailor Moon has been not counting for years and its popularity remained constant throughout. Kids are still in awe of its art and story and even kids then (who are adults today’s time) remain big fans.

Sailor Moon already has cute and colorful art that’s why these Sailor Moon coloring pages for kids hit the spot for a fun and engaging living.

Our Sailor Moon Coloring pages contain printable coloring pages for kids of all ages – from beginners to advanced. The set includes easy-to-color ones and again complex ones. The complex and detailed ones provide advanced kids the challenge to leader to complex lines and patterns.

tourists can download these printables for free, print them, and watch kids bring a many years of experience time.

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