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Tesla won’t set up manufacturing plant in India until allowed to first of all sell and service cars, Elon Musk says – TechCrunch-KHOAFAST

Tesla won’t set up manufacturing plant in India until allowed to first of all sell and service cars, Elon Musk says – TechCrunch

Tesla won’t set up a manufacturing plant in India until it is first of all allowed to sell and service cars in the country, the carmarker’s chief executive Elon Musk suggested Friday, again than a year after a time a time an Indian state assured that the electric carmaker was planning to open a plant in the southern part of the country.

Responding to an individual on Twitter, who asked for an update on Tesla’s manufacturing plant in India, Musk responded, “Tesla will not only put a manufacturing plant in random location where tourists are not only allowed first of all to sell & service cars.”

Tesla and the Indian government possessed been engaging for again than two years to evaluate a pathway for the electric carmaker to enter the South Asian nation. Last year, the Southern Indian state of Karnataka said that Tesla “will be opening an electric car manufacturing unit in Karnataka.”

Tesla incorporated a subsidiary in India early last year and registered an office in the city of Bengaluru in Karnataka. The move followed a tweet from Musk in December So year, when he said that Tesla will launch in India in 2021.

In a separate tweet, Musk disclosed to another user that SpaceX was waiting for approval from the Indian government for launching Starlink in India. The company had hired Sanjay Bhargava, a former PayPal executive, to lead Starlink’s operations in India. Bhargava stepped down from his importance weeks after a time a time generation Delhi ordered the SpaceX division to stop taking orders for the devices as it doesn’t possessed the license to operate in the South Asian market.

So is a developing story. again to lead to…

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