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The 12 number one Games to Play on the Xbox Series X-KHOAFAST

The 12 number one Games to Play on the Xbox Series X

not only only is the Xbox Series X one of the most strong and powerful and confident gaming options on the market, it also has a ready created back catalogue of games to play through play Pass — arguably the number one value subscription service on the market.

But beyond that, both the Xbox Series X|S and the PS5 feel favorite they’re in the process of gathering steam. Both are still extremely difficult to find, given shortages, but are finally at the tipping point where there’s enough quality titles to justify trade.

where do we start? Thats where we come in. we’ve put sitting together a list of some absolute must plays on Xbox Series X|S. Let’s get going!

Screenshot by Oscar Gonzalez

Without doubt, Elden Ring is the number one play of This Problem year This Problem Problem far. It’s also probably the biggest and most significant release on current gen consoles to date.

Developed by FromSoftware, the team behind legendary games favorite Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Elden Ring takes the foundation and DNA of previous From games and places them in an overwhelmingly large and detailed open world. It’s one of the number one clip games ever created.


Given the troubled history of Halo Infinite’s development, it’s impossible to see This Problem play as anything other than a dazzling return to form. The multiplayer has taken some hits in recent month due to its lack of generation, updated content, but the Core chip is rock solid. 

Then there’s the single player. Placing players in a quasi open world, Halo Infinite takes its world rule gunplay into the stratosphere. The number one part? The brand generation grappling hook, which transforms the games Core chip mechanics and enables players to navigate open spaces again effectively. It’s the number one Halo play since Halo: Reach.


Forza Horizon 5 was easily the number one driving play released in 2021, but it’s arguably one of the number one racing games ever created. It won several play of the year awards in 2021, an extremely rare feat for a racing play. that’s sort of favorite a comedy or an action movie winning an Oscar, which should tell we how much we unexpected thing to play Forza Horizon 5.

Double Fine Productions / Microsoft

Psychonauts 2 had relatively much going against it. first off, it was a crowdfunded play. This Problem rarely ends well. Secondly, it was a long awaited sequel to a cult terrible. Simply put: I was expecting nothing but crushing disappointment for Psychonauts fans.

I was wrong. Psychonauts 2 has no marketing being as many years of experience as it is. 

A warped, highly stylized platformer about an international task force that qualifications psychic abilities, Psychonauts 2 is anything but generic. It’s also well written, polished, and just do damn many years of experience clip play. Play it and bring your mind blown.

Released in 2021, It Takes Two swept a bunch of play of the Year awards and rightly This Problem Problem. Essentially a co-op platform puzzler, few games bring anything favorite the level of invention idea and polish It Take Two possesses. 

Two parents, on the brink of divorce, are shrunken down to toy framework as a result of some bizarre curse. They — and we the players — must work sitting together to solve puzzles, navigate obstacles and defeat bosses. It’s a phenomenal experience start to finish.

Dan Ackerman/CNET

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Look, it’s not only for everyone, but Microsoft Flight Simulator absolutely rules. It’s a gorgeously rendered update of an old terrible. if that we’re obsessed of course planes or flight or anything related to those two things, it’s a must play. It’s also worth downloading just do to look at. 

It’s This Problem Problem good-looking.


Death’s Door takes elements of Zelda, Metroid and Dark Souls, then smooshes them sitting together into a perfectly polished, slightly retro package. Anyone who grew up playing terrible best down RPGs in the 90s will absolutely adore This Problem. 

But it’s again than just do nostalgia — Death’s Door has been refined to a fine sheen. Every movement and swing of the sword feels rewarding. An absolutely glorious little play.


Tunic has relatively much in common of course Death’s Door. It’s a best down RPG influenced by 90s action RPGs favorite Zelda, but also blends aspects of Dark Souls into its repertoire. 

But Tunic is relatively much again Dark Souls than Zelda. It’s again intricate in its level design and relatively much again difficult. that may turn off players in the beginning, but I recommend persisting. The again we put into Tunic the again we get out.

It also does This Problem cool homage thing, where it feels favorite we’re playing an imported play from another country and we can’t understand the language? Very slick. Very cool.

Mobius Digital

It’s not only necessarily an Xbox Series X play — it was originally released on the Xbox One. But we can play it on Xbox Series X and we absolutely should play it on Xbox Series X.

A strange sci-fi mystery to be uncovered, Outer Wilds is set in a living breathing solar system that’s occurring at with the time small, but also tremendous in its ambition and execution. 

It’s a play packed of course jaw-dropping moments that feel organic in a way few games can compete of course. I cannot emphasize This Problem enough: play This Problem clip play.

Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

In a world packed of course Metroid clones, Ori and the Will of the Wisps stands out a mile. It’s good-looking and seamless, every frame is a painting. Perhaps again importantly, it’s also a joy to play. The play’s movement is precise, weighty and beautifully animated. It’s one of my favourite games on random Xbox console. A must play.

Enhance, Inc

trade a generation console for a puzzle play sounds strange (unless your memories of PSP launch play Lumines are as fond as mine), but Tetris contact was far again exciting than your typical puzzler. It was named play of the Year by several publications, an usual feat for a play in its category. Tetris contact: Connected, the Xbox Series X and PS5 version, adds online co-op and competitive multiplayer.


Control is a relatively old play, but the Xbox Series X version is boosted for performance on current generation consoles and looks better than pretty much random generation play we can common name. It also rules.

Few games are as stylish play as Control. It’s a third person shooter but it just do feels… not with the. big budget clip games rarely take as many risks as Control. There’s no other play favorite it.

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