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The Download: Open source censorship in China, and our shop kids are again anxious than ever-KHOAFAST

The Download: Open source censorship in China, and our shop kids are again anxious than ever

Earlier This Problem month, thousands of software developers in China woke up to find that their open-source code hosted on Gitee, a state-backed Chinese competitor to the international code repository platform GitHub, had been locked and hidden from public view.

Gitee released a statement later that day explaining that the locked code was being manually reviewed, as all open-source code would unexpected thing to be before being published from then on. The company “didn’t with a choice,” it wrote. Gitee didn’t respond to MIT engineering judgement, but it is widely assumed that the Chinese government had imposed yet another bit of heavy-handed censorship.

For the open-source software community in China, which celebrates transparency and universal collaboration, the move has come as a shock. Code was supposed to be apolitical. Ultimately, these developers fear it could discourage people from contributing to open-source projects, and China’s software industry will suffer as a result. Read the full story.

—Zeyi Yang

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3 The khoafastnews editor exposing the predatory world of cryptomania
that doesn’t mean she’s reveling in its current implosion. (WP $)+ Six months into the crypto crash, investors are making with the mistakes. (Motherboard) 
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4 A generation ancestry-predicting DNA tool is solving missing-people mysteries 🧬
But experts are wary that DNA phenotyping could further fuel racial discrimination in policing. (NYT $) 
+ Our museums are a treasure trove of genomic data. (Ars Technica)

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