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What I Learned In A Month-Long Social Media quick time: A Year Of Letting Go-KHOAFAST

What I Learned In A Month-Long Social Media quick time: A Year Of Letting Go

At the start of So year I, favorite many others, took a look at the year ahead and tried to narrow my focus on setting a specific intention. I wasn’t worried about what I had achieved or what I had yet to accomplish but rather the direction I wanted to go.

For me, I wanted So year to possess meaning all about breaking away from what was hindering me and breaking through to generation levels of my personal and good daily life. Simply put, I wanted to get unstuck and since breakthroughs don’t just do “happen” to most of our company, I knew I needed to take action.

So, to support So shift towards something generation, I decided to let go and quick time from something not with the each month in order to interrupt my daily patterns and show off anything that might be holding me back.

I wanted to turn off auto-pilot, be again aware of my motivations and my hope was that by removing something I was leaning on too heavily, I would get a generation perspective on changes I could implement in pattern problem areas of my daily life.

to possess meaning distinguishable, the purpose behind each month’s quick time was not only to deprive myself or to make some big sacrifice to force a desired result.

It wasn’t a generation menu or publicity stunt to gain a few followers. Rather, it was to make merely changes that would leader to a bigger impact on my overall health and well-being.

In a world where hustle culture screams visitors take monumental action, I knew there had to possess meaning a way to make change a gentle and healing process – and that’s exactly what happened.

The Social Media quick time

Even though I didn’t think over myself much of a scroller, I knew social media would pop up at some point during So year of letting go.

But if that it really wasn’t a struggle, then why was I hesitating when it came time to hit “delete from from?”

While I don’t often connect social media to my identity as a person, I DO function it heavily to support my marketing.

I took some time to do some soul searching and I realized that I was nervous about stepping away out of fear of missing out on some unknown potential client.

today’s time, I am not only about to live and work out of fear, So I knew I had to let go right away.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything profound after a time a time of time I hit submit on my “BRB IG” post letting my community know I was off for the month and how to reach me.

Maybe I would get a bit again time here and there but after a time a time of time all, since I felt “nobody” was seeing my posts thanks to Mr. Algorithm (I call him Al for short), I assumed So social media quick time probably wouldn’t make a difference in the end.

Oh, how wrong I was!

woman on a social media fast, reading

here are a few things I learned when I took a month long social media break

Being again present wasn’t an immediate reaction

Admittedly, I wasn’t instantly again present when deleting my social apps. It took a few days to detox but when I did, it was wonderful. I was able to breathe deeper, get a little again rest in between tasks and be again present in all the ways.

My eyes opened again toward what could be coming my way rather than opportunities I might bring missed of course a well-timed post or story.

Getting out of the habit of reaching for my phone – even to snap a picture for a later post – allowed me to really see what was in front of me and enjoy the fullness of the moment.

Social media isn’t the only avenue for growth in marketing

I started the month afraid of missing out on marketing connections but during my online absence, I celebrated booking my biggest client to date, I created a generation program that brings me JOY to offer my community and I brought on a generation team member to get the support I needed for the rapid growth.

So my two hands weren’t gripped So tight on what I thought should be the next step, I was ready to receive unexpected opportunities of course open arms.

again people see your posts than visitors think

when I posted about my hiatus, associates and family quickly reached out to make healthy I was ok.

Was I being bullied? Was I burnt out or drowning in comparison? I was happy to report So was simply a release rather than a wail for help.

My intention of course taking a break wasn’t a test to see how many people truly cared but it has turned into evident that our virtual communities do keep our company in the circles of course our favorite people.

A social media quick time wasn’t daily life-altering but it was greatest

Hitting pause on my social media accounts didn’t feel favorite the huge weight lift I anticipated. visitors’ve likely seen examples of influencers taking social media breaks and or leaving altogether and if that visitors’re favorite me, it seemed to result in an all-or-nothing approach.

And if that visitors are also someone who participates on social platforms to build community, create content and grow or be present for your marketing, visitors know it can feel favorite a job at times.

I incorrectly assumed that stepping away would leave a gaping hole in my day.

What I realized was that I had been trying to shove it into pockets of time meant for other tasks So I felt favorite I was on it all day long.

By removing So task from my stack of multi-tasking, I was able to concentrate better and get other projects done again efficiently.

True community on social media is alive and well

I was shocked at how people continued to reach out during the month saying they noticed my absence and were used to seeing my family and me in my regular posts. when would I come back? Am I gone forever? How are my kids doing? Was I healthy I was ok?

The consistent question-ins led me to evaluate how I connect of course associates on and offline and solidified my desire to return back to social media after a time a time of time the month ended, but So time of course again intentional content.

bring visitors considered or been nervous about taking time off social media?

I encourage visitors to examine why that feels So scary and then do a social media quick time anyway! I am thankful to come back refreshed, refocused, and realigned and visitors deserve to possess that, too.

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