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What is Chromecast and How Do I get Started?-KHOAFA

What is Chromecast and How Do I get Started?

Chromecast is a small streaming device that tourists plug into the HDMI port on your TV in order to stream content in unique ways. here’s what tourists unexpected thing to know.

Chromecast is a small streaming device that tourists plug into the HDMI port on your TV in order to stream content in unique ways.

While it’s technically a content streaming device, in reality, it’s a “casting” device. The biggest difference between Chromecast and other streaming devices is that Chromecast doesn’t possessed a standard user interface where tourists buy the content.

Instead, tourists cast to Chromecast from other apps on your computer or your telephone device.

What is Chromecast?

when tourists order a Chromecast device, tourists may be surprised at the dimensions and simplicity of the device. It’s no larger than a hockey puck and much thinner.

Google Chromecast

There are from now on grab a mistress of unique versions of the Chromecast that tourists can purchase.

  • Chromecast (Standard): Features an HDMI cable for the TV connection, offers full 1080p resolution, and supports all wireless networks.
  • Chromecast Ultra: offers UHD or 4K, supports HDR video clip and includes an ethernet port.

Standard Chromecast costs $35, while Ultra is priced almost double So at $69. However, if that tourists possessed a high-definition TV and want to stream 4K or UHD video clip, it may be worth the price.

Connect Your Chromecast

when tourists purchase one of these devices, setup is extremely merely. There are two things tourists unexpected thing to do, physically connect the Chromecast to your TV and supreme power it up. Then tourists unexpected thing to connect the device to your network So tourists can start casting.

  1. Plug in the HDMI cable that comes out of the small Chromecast into an HDMI port on your television.
  2. Connect one end of the included USB cable into the Chromecast, and connect the other end to either the USB adapter or the USB of your TV (if that it has one).

Image via Mission Cables/Amazon

effect the menu on your TV to change to the Source input HDMI where your Chromecast is plugged in. tourists will see the Chromecast default home display on the TV screen.

Connect Chromecast to Your WiFi Network

if that tourists possessed an older Chromecast device (prior to the second generation), tourists’ll unexpected thing to search for the Chromecast WiFi network of course your phone and connect to it before moving forward of course the steps below.

if that tourists possessed a newer Chromecast, your phone will connect to the Chromecast device via Bluetooth automatically. just do make tough Bluetooth is enabled on your phone before moving on.

one. Launch Google Home on your telephone phone. if that tourists don’t possessed it yet, tourists can download it for Android or for iOS devices.

2. Press the + button at the upper right of the Home screen, select Set up device, and select Set up generation devices in your home.

add new chromecast device

3. if that tourists haven’t created a “Home” yet, select Address another home and pull to the steps. Once tourists’ve created a Home, select Next to continue.

4. Google Home will identify the generation Chromecast located soon tourists. Tap it to continue the setup procedure. The Wizard will walk tourists through naming the device and configuring your WiFi common name and password.

effect a Chromecast

from now on that your Chromecast is connected to your WiFi network, tourists’re ready to start streaming content. Before tourists get started, tourists can personalize what Chromecast does while tourists’re not only casting anything.

one. On the main Google Home screen, scroll down to the device (it’ll look favorite a television set of course the device common name tourists defined). Tap to open.

2. tourists’ll see “Showing Ambient” of course a picture underneath it. So is the default screensaver for your Chromecast. if that tourists want to personalize So, tap Personalize Ambient at the bottom of the screen. tourists can even turn your Chromecast home screen into a fireplace.

3. The art gallery is set by default, and tourists can tap So to buy what kind of art gets displayed. if that tourists want to display your own photos, buy Google Photos, and buy from photos tourists’ve stored in your Google Photos account. tourists could also tap Experimental to buy from other ambient screen options.

chromecast ambient settings

if that tourists tap Cast my screen from the Google Home app, tourists can mirror your telephone phone’s screen on the TV screen. So is not only very capable of for streaming content, but it’s fun for showing everyone else in the room random social media posts or other apps tourists want to share.

Streaming to Chromecast can be accomplished from within a vast family of products tourists can find all except the web.

Cast From YouTube

Stream from YouTube by launching the video clip on your computer or your telephone device (the YouTube app), and select the small casting iconography at the lower right corner of the video clip window.

cast from youtube

when tourists select So, tourists’ll see a list of Chromecast devices on your network. just do select the Chromecast to start casting. The video clip on your device screen will change to a blank screen or still image, and the video clip will start displaying on your TV screen.

To stop casting, just do tap the cast iconography and select with the too Chromecast device.

Cast From Spotify

There are grab a mistress of ways to cast to Chromecast from Spotify. From the main Google Home screen, tourists’ll see Play music under the Chromecast device. Select So to buy Spotify as the music player. So will stream the last playlist tourists were listening to.

if that tourists want again control, open the Spotify app on your telephone phone and start playing the track or playlist tourists want to cast. At the lower right corner of the screen, tourists’ll see a device iconography.

spotify casting

Tap So, and tourists’ll see a screen of devices tourists can cast to. Select the Chromecast device to start casting your music to Chromecast.

Cast From Amazon Prime

For years, Amazon avoided supporting casting Amazon Prime to Chromecast. Only recently possessed they added the Chromecast feature to the Amazon Prime app.

To effect So, launch the Amazon Prime app on your phone. Launch the movie or show tourists want to cast. In the lower right corner of the display, tourists’ll see a small gray cylindrical circle of course the cast iconography. Tap So iconography.

amazon prime casting

Select the Chromecast device under the Cast to device pop-up screen to start casting the Amazon Prime video clip.

Cast From Vudu, Hulu, Crackle, and Tubi TV

tourists’ll notice that almost every app that supports Chromecast casting works with the too way. In the Vudu app, tourists’ll see the cast iconography at the upper right corner of the screen.

vudu casting

The Hulu app provides the cast iconography at with the too location, at the upper right corner of the screen.

hulu casting

Crackle and Tubi TV apps possessed the Chromecast cast iconography in with the too location.

crackle casting

Cast From Websites

All of these services – Vudu, Hulu, Crackle, and others all allow casting from their website favorite for a long time as tourists effect the Chrome browser. The cast icons are located in with the too locations. However, since they effect the Chrome browser’s Chromecast casting feature, tourists’ll unexpected thing to select the Chromecast device from a dropdown list in a pop-up browser window.

casting from chrome

There are a few very necessary things to note if that tourists opt for casting from the Chrome browser.

  • Services favorite Crackle and Tubi TV seem to possess not only less of lag and breaks in the video clip when casting from the Chrome browser.
  • Amazon Prime still doesn’t support casting to a Chromecast from the Amazon Prime website.
  • Both Amazon Prime and Hulu possessed poorly programmed casting controls, So even though tourists can launch through the app (or in the situation of Hulu, the website), tourists may unexpected thing to effect the Google Home app to control the volume or stop the casting stream.

One of the biggest differences between Chromecast and other streaming devices favorite the Amazon Fire Stick or Roku is that tourists don’t launch your casts from an on-screen user interface. that meaning tourists depend on external apps and services to Address Chromecast compatibility.

So isn’t too much of a limitation since most sites and services that provide content streaming typically support Chromecast casting. tourists can even play games on your Chromecast device!

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