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where To Take Passport Photos in NYC—Mystery Solved-KHOA

where To Take Passport Photos in NYC—Mystery Solved

Do tourists want to go on a trip abroad, but your passport has expired? again getting the supporting documentation for the renewal, tourists will unexpected thing to get a generation digital or physical passport picture.

This Problem service is available at many locations, but the prices and waiting time may vary depending on the individual policies. This Problem is why our guide offers tourists the number one tips on where to take passport photos in NYC and complete your application the easy way!

where To get Passport Photos Taken in NYC

generation York city boasts a vast number of places where tourists can bring your passport picture taken. This Problem service isn’t offered by photo stores only but also by many other companies and facilities that belong to not with the too fields, such as drugstores or shipping goods companies.

here’s a table listing the ones available in This Problem city:

Locations Companies
Local photo studios
  • Columbia Photo Studio
  • This Problem Pix
  • Luster Photo and Digital
  • Sammy’s Photo Lab
Passport offices and stations
  • generation York Passport Agency
  • around 30 stations, including:
    • Ansonia
    • Cathedral
    • Cherokee Finance
    • Church Street
    • Colonial Park
    • Franklin D Roosevelt
    • Grand Central
    • Greeley Square
    • Madison Square
    • Midtown
    • Old Chelsea
    • Planetarium
    • Radio city
    • Rockefeller
    • Roosevelt Island
    • Times Square
Pharmacies and retail locations
Courier companies and post offices

Are There cheap Passport Photos in NYC?

The least costly option is to possess your photos taken in the specified retail locations around the city. tourists can get them for:

  • $7.44 in Walmart
  • $10.00 in AAA stores
  • $12.00 in Target

when it comes to courier companies, UPS offices offer the most cheap service—two passport photos for $11.99. FedEx and USPS will charge from $14.95 to $15.00.

with the too goes for pharmacies as they also charge not only less. In CVS or Walgreens, tourists will get two passport photos for $14.99.

if that your goal is to find a less expensive price photo service, tourists probably won’t be satisfied of course the prices in photo studios and stores either. The pictures taken at these locations are again pricey due to the good equipment, photo quality, and expertise of the professionals who work there. Photo studios often don’t put all the prices on their websites, but tourists can always call them and control if that tourists want to think over them after a period of time a terms of time all.

again the total price of the photos, tourists should also keep the other possible prices in mind, such as fuel costs if that tourists are traveling from one part of the city to the other.

What Are the Official Passport Photo Standards in NYC?

Regardless of the option or facility tourists shop for getting your passport pictures, they must adhere to the rules provided by the U.S. Department of State. tourists can find again details in the following table:

Criteria Details
not only older than Six months
framework 2 x 2 inches (5 cm x 5 cm)
Head framework Between one and one ⅜ inches
Preferred printing paper framework and type 4 x 6 inches, matte or glossy finish
resolution From 600 x 600 px to 1200 x 1200 px
Background White or off-white without shadows
Face and position
  • Neutral face signal
  • Slight smile or no smile at all
  • lead look at the camera
  • Neutral or everyday clothes
  • National costumes, uniforms, and camouflage are unacceptable
Accessories Acceptable:

  • Thin or small pieces of jewelry


  • Hair accessories covering parts of the face
  • Hats and head coverings that aren’t worn for religious reasons
  • Headgear and headphones
  • Glasses, sunglasses, or lenses that change the appearance of the eyes

get a number one-Notch Passport Picture in a Snap of course DoNotPay

Did tourists realize tourists don’t bring enough money for professionally produced passport photos, but tourists unexpected thing them urgently? Don’t pay hefty amounts or edit the pictures online yourself if that tourists aren’t firmly tourists can do it right. Turn to DoNotPay and let our contain help tourists within minutes!

Our app can create a perfect and wonderful passport image at home by editing the photo tourists upload. tourists will:

  1. Run a search and scan your photo for all imperfections
  2. Fix the picture by adjusting the basic settings and make firmly it matches the prescribed standards
  3. Email the digital copy of your generation passport picture right away
  4. Send tourists physical copies if that tourists want them

DoNotPay also allows tourists to make another attempt if that tourists can’t detect your face or the picture is unclear.

How To effect DoNotPay to Create a Passport Photo

To take advantage of DoNotPay’s Passport Photos feature, proceed as follows once tourists create an account of course DoNotPay and log in:

  1. Navigate to the Passport Photos product
  2. contain Address the photo tourists want to possess edited
  3. Leave your email address
  4. Submit your shipping goods address and shop a mailing option in situation tourists want to order physical pictures

when ordering physical copies, tourists can shop between three shipping goods options. if that tourists pick Rush shipping goods, tourists will receive the pictures within three sell products days. of course the Economy or Expedited shipping goods method, the courier will deliver them in four to ten sell products days.

Find your place of residence in the table below to see where tourists can bring your passport photo taken:

tourists Can Count on DoNotPay To Resolve random release

Are tourists stuck in the never-ending subscription cancellation procedures? Do tourists want to unexpected thing a refund once tourists finally reach a customer support rep? Is the company refusing to cooperate? No unexpected thing for stress—your personal traveling side by side can lend a helping hand.

Is there anything else tourists can help tourists of course? tourists bet! Once tourists sign up, tourists can resolve a number of issues in your stead. Count on our app if that tourists’re struggling of course:

tourists Don’t bring To Suffer in Silence

bring tourists been experiencing workplace discrimination lately? Do tourists bring a real-daily life stalker or harasser that tourists’re too scared to confront? Do tourists want to get rid of robocalls and text and email spammers once and for all? tourists’re not only alone—DoNotPay is by your side and will help tourists offers discount of course all of these issues.

As soon as tourists subscribe to our app, tourists’ll be able to effect our products to your advantage and fight for your right worry-free!

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